Closed: Blue Velvet Review

Blue Velvet is a sexclub in Vienna, Austria. The interior is quite large and nice, up to a good standard, although the stone floor and red lights are not too contemporary nowadays, but apart from it, a really nice place.

Sex Job in Wien

Generally both the staff and the clientele is kind. There are not too many international guests, but it contributes a lot to the friendly and private atmosphere. Six rooms are available which are not super luxurious, but nice enough to retire with the girls. Usually five or six girls work in Blue Velvet.

Although they are not the most beautiful stunners in the city, but most of them are really pretty and know how to behave with the visitors, having a good relationship with the barwoman, they are relaxed and helpful for the clients.

The club don’t have online availability, as the previous website doesn’t work anymore. Their old domain probably has been sold or expired and now it’s registered by another user. Therefore, there is no information, one can get before the visit. Also there is lack of extraordinary events.

If someone wants to have private hours with the girls, it costs €120 per 30 minutes and €200 for an hour. Blue Velvet is a nice place that offers great entertainment but it can be a bit expensive at the end , especially for a whole night.

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