Nightclubs and Bars in Vienna

Since prostitution is generally legal all over Austria, the number of sex clubs and nightclubs has constantly been increasing. The places can be categorized differently, therefore everyone has the chance to find the one which meets their own requirements, taste or budget.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

There are numerous small sexbars in Vienna that are not too prosperous since don’t offer any particular attractions, such as real stunners, special events or a stage with girls dancing on. Most of these clubs are small and dark, not always clean and in a few cases the rooms also aren’t the best places to hide away with the average-looking or uglier girls.

The main attraction of these small sexbars is the low prices of course, that include both the drinks and the rooms. Otherwise if the client is not careful enough, for instance a foreigner without relevant local knowledge in Vienna, he can be easily deceived by taxi drivers. They have been hunting for mainly drunken men and do their best to convince them to drive to the bars. The managements give them quite high bonus per every customer taken to the spot. Of course the bars want to end up with good profit, so the clients will probably face high bill. In order to avoid it, it’s highly recommended to do research for information about these clubs in advance. More importantly you should go to the spot on your own and not by a taxi. Another disadvantage of the smaller sexbars is that the clientele is mainly Balkanese. Real gentlemen are likely to avoid them. This fact makes the girls unmotivated to provide quality service and get regular, returning clients.

If you look for well-known places, you can find a few, such as Chez Nous or Blue Velvet, which provide fair service on lower prices. The location is good, easy to find the way. The interiors are different Chez Nous is nothing special, rather small and maybe a bit dark too. As for the girls, they are average-looking. Blue Velvet is larger and the interior is up to a higher standard. These bars don’t hold special events.

Maxim Wien is definitely among the most popular sexbars in Vienna. Before visiting it, the official Maxim site and blog offer a lot of information to get insight into the life of the club. It can be found in a central district of Vienna in a nice neighbourhood. Both the staff and the girls are friendly and provide the customers with great service. The bar area is large with colourful lights and nice music.

The girls usually dance on the stage very well which is a fine visual excitement before you retire in the rooms with them. Most of the girls are really beautiful and in the same time intelligent as well. They have good conversational skills, as many of them are students at the Viennese universities. The rooms are also nice and big with elegant furniture and each has a shower of course. The prices are obviously a bit higher than in low-standard clubs, but still affordable. The clientele of Maxim is mainly businessmen, the service is high-standard, so you can expect nice experience there.

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