Nightlife in Vienna

Wien at nightSo, you find yourself in Vienna and you are ready for some nightlife fun. Or maybe you came especially for the history and culture of this famous city. Or it’s possible you are just passing through and you can’t sleep. Well if you have the chance to be here, you really shouldn’t sleep because you would be missing out. Vienna has a lot to offer as far as entertainment goes and its nights are bright with a thousand lights. Disco lights, that is.

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If you enjoy clubbing there are dozens of nightclubs you can choose from, and they range from wild to mild. You can party the night away on the beats of international or Viennese DJs while go-go dancers set the atmosphere on fire. Or you can test yourself on how much Austrian beer you can drink in one of the many typical beer pubs. Just remember to check the time for the happy-hours!

Vienna at nightFor the more culture motivated tourist the nightlife in Vienna is by no means dull. It is a city beautifully shaped by its history and museums are open until late, and even all night long if you catch the Vienna long night of museums. The Vienna Opera House and the Viennese concert halls are renowned for their performances, but you have to be careful to buy your tickets in advance.

If by nightlife you understand a night spent in a pleasant company while enjoying exquisite cuisine and drinks, you will surely be impressed by the abundance of cafes and restaurants that you can choose from in Vienna. The wine aficionados will also be thrilled to find out Austria prides itself with its own traditional wine taverns named Heuriger where you can serve the year’s new wine.

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