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Vienna Sex Club Reviews

Maxim Wien
Kärntnerstrasse 61, 1010 Vienna
Every day 21:00-06:00
Sexclub Maxim Wien is located in the centre of Venna in a nice neighbourhood. The large ba...
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Blue Velvet
Kramergasse 5, 1010 Wien
Every day
Blue Velvet is a sexclub in Vienna, Austria. The interior is quite large and nice, up to a...
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Romantic Bar
Spengergasse 13, 1050 Wien
Monday-Friday: 12:00-04:00 & Saturday-Sunday: 19:00-04:00
In Vienna’s fifth district there is a small sex bar, called Romantic Bar. The place wait...
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Kerstin Bar
Novaragasse 38A, 1020 Wien
Every day
Kerstin Bar is a sexclub in Vienna which is not among those that offer high standard. The whole...
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Chez Nous
Kärntner Strasse 10, 1010 Wien
Every day 20:00-05:00
Sex Club Chez Nous is located in the city centre of Vienna in a good neighbourhood. The club...
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Eve Bar
Schellinggasse 1, 1010 Wien
Eve Bar is located in the centre of Vienna close to some international business hotels in the...
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Sechshauserstraße 18, 1150 Wien
Every day 20:00-05:00
Kontaktcafé is a sex club in Vienna located in a not too nice part of the city in a bad neighbourhood....
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Sex Clubs in Vienna

Peepshows in Vienna
Peepshows are a kind of sex service, where a few girls can be seen dancing on a stage and the customers...
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Nightclubs and Bars in Vienna
Since prostitution is generally legal all over Austria, the number of sex clubs and nightclubs has constantly...
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Sex studios in Vienna
Vienna has wide range of sex studios which are usually only about sex and nothing more. You go there...
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Massage Parlours in Vienna
Traditional massage parlours use massage as wellness and spa services for customers. Of course eroti...
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Laufhauses in Vienna
Laufhaus can be defined as a sex hotel, where each girl rents her own room, the clients have nothing...
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Saunaclubs in Vienna
Sauna clubs are common and popular in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. The basic trait of them is that...
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Latest Articles

Vienna is full of Sex Clubs and we are publishing reviews about these sex clubs to give you real and reliable help to choose from. All of the reviews were made by independent writers who wrote their own experieces about Vienna Sex Clubs. We do not accept and publish paid reviews!
Sex Magic
Magic is everywhere. It’s promoted in movies, animated clips and even normal commercials on TV. Similar to how magic can be found everywhere, sex is promoted even more. But what happens when the two combine? Oftentimes, the sex is too good that it actually feels like magic is happening. For example, in a sex club, there are high chances that you’ll have sex with a sex club-girl and believe that magic is at hand, that there’s no way that sex can feel so good. Everything can happen in a sex club. However, Sex Magic is more than this. It’s more than just a feeling of greatness and pleasure. Sex Magic is the practice of magical rituals using sexual energy. It is believed that during...
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Gang Bang
Gang Bang is a common term in nowadays porn industry. Many men fantasized about this, and very few got to experience it. When talking about fantasies, some of the most common out there are fantasies which have multiple partners involved. Whether it’s a threesome with 2 men and 1 woman or the other way around, a sex party group or even an orgy, having sex with multiple partners is a common secret desire. Gang Bangs in Porn Porn gets bigger each day. From classical bad-filmed porn everyone used to watch in their DVR’s to the HD porn we have nowadays, with scripts that are sometimes better than some movies in theaters. What also progressed is the limit of porn, not in a negative way, but...
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Nymphomaniacs, or Nymphos are persons with uncontrollable sexual urges. Hypersexuality’s causes are yet to be discovered.Some say that the body’s to blame, some say that they are mental issues. Nonetheless, it’s considered abnormal in today’s standards. Nymphos or sex enthusiasts? Many people consider themselves nymphos just because they enjoy having sex so much, either sex with the same partner or with different other partners. However, there’s a fine line between promiscuity or the desire to have constant sex and a medical condition that makes you unable to control your own body. Nothing wrong in both cases, be it a nympho or a sex enthusiast, both of the categories get t...
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Ladies that like older men
A few decades ago if a couple had too much age difference it was reproved by the society. Now the table has turned around and in some cases age difference has become quite common between couples. A man dates sometimes a young woman who could even be the age of his own daughter. In porn In porn movies nowadays it’s quite common that young girls have sex with much older man, often so old, that they could be grandfathers. These old guys are quite potent seemingly and the girls seem to enjoy the sex with them. This is called grandpa porn and as I have mentioned it’s very popular. There are grandpa porn stars who are really well-known such as Dave Cummings in the U.S.A. or Shigeo Tokuda from...
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Weirdest places to have sex in
Sex is a fascinating thing, but what do you do when you’re in a boring relationship? What if you like having sex with your beloved but you’re sick of the same old bedroom or living-room sofa? All of these questions are answered easily with diversity and spontaneity. Where should I go for spontaneous sex? In reality, everything out of the ordinary is ok. Start slow, explore your house more. You may be surprised by how exciting having sex by the windows may be. For those who want more ideas for places to have sex, here are some of the most-known sex-locations: In a car If you are on your way in your car with your partner, you can stop anywhere on a deserted road or a parking plac...
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AO Sex in Vienna
Sex without condoms, also known as AO sex, is very common for stable and long-lasting relationships. However, it didn’t take long until sexclubs or studios began to offer such treatment. Of course, you have to pay extra to enjoy the “skin-to-skin” sensation. It differs from club to club, but it’s not that expensive. Here’s a list of Vienna’s top sex studios that offer sex without condoms. Positive and negative aspects to sex without condoms There are some negative aspects to AO sex: Risk of spreading STDs Risk of pregnancy Risk of spreading STDs Even though the sexclub girls are having regular medical check-ups, this doesn’t mean that the clients are too. So...
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