Escort Girls Vienna (EGV) Review


Vienna is filled with many great brothels and sexclubs; however, there are numerous people who prefer the privacy of their hotel rooms when it comes to paying for sex over any other public establishment. This is exactly the reason why there are a couple of exceptional escort agencies that operate in Vienna as well. This is a review of one of the best ones that we can think of, which is Escort Girls Vienna (also known as EGV).

Escort Agency Review: Escort Girls Vienna

When it comes to escort agencies in Vienna, Escort Girls Vienna is among the best and most reputable places. It has been in business for many years now and they have had a plethora satisfied customers who used their services over the years.

The pictures of the girls that you see on the official EGV website are all real and you can actually find the girls who are advertised on the site. This should be something that is expected but unfortunately not all Viennese escort agencies do this. Fake and photoshopped photos, as well as baiting in customers with non-existent girls are things that many other escort agencies blatantly do in Vienna. However, EGV is not one of those escort agencies; they have been using real photos of the girls for as long as we can remember.

Many new girls who start working in Vienna as prostitutes start their career in Escort Girls Vienna. This means that if you choose this escort agency, you are sure to find new and young girls in their repertoire. The fact that the new girls still provide a good level of service shows that EGV is truly one of the best escort agencies in Vienna.

Also, it is worth mentioning that girls who work in EGV are taken care of and they can ask for help and assistance if needed. According to our sources, this is a great place for new girls to start as unlike in an FKK or a studio, they can always find someone to talk to about the job.

Official Escort Agency of Sexclub Maxim Wien

Escort Girls Vienna (EGV) is the official escort agency of Sexclub Maxim Wien. Since Maxim is one of the most reputable clubs in Vienna, you can rest assured that their official escort agency is just as reliable and professional as the club itself. Additionally this also means that you can take one of the many gorgeous Maxim girls back to your hotel room for a couple of hours. There are many people who prefer the privacy of their hotel over actually going to the club.


As previously said, Escort Girls Vienna is among the best escort agencies in Vienna, and for a good reason. Contrary to other escort agencies, in EGV all the girls that are advertised on the site actually work there, you are not going to get scammed by the agency and all of the girls give a high level of service. Additionally, being the official escort agency of Maxim really does say a lot about EGV.

All in all, if you are looking for a reliable and professional escort agency in Vienna that is sure to deliver on what’s been promised, we think that Escort Girls Vienna is among the best options you have. They have been in the business for many years now and they have a lot more experience than almost any other escort agency in Vienna.

If this review has sparked your interest, go ahead and book an EGV girl now. You can also leave a comment below telling us what you think about the review or the agency in question.