Suicide attempt of a sex worker triggered a huge raid on human traffickers across Europe

A suicide attempt in a brothel in Mainz last year led to a major police operation and uncovered a suspected human trafficking ring.

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A woman who was forced into prostitution, tried to end her sufferings

A woman, presumably coerced into prostitution, attempted to take her own life in the Mainz brothel last year. Following this incident, investigations conducted by the Organized Crime department revealed that the woman was likely a victim of human trafficking and forced prostitution.

At the end of March, law enforcement officers simultaneously raided five residences in Bavaria, Rhineland-Palatinate, Spain, and Romania. Two alleged masterminds, a 47-year-old man and a 36-year-old woman, were arrested.

The 47-year-old Romanian, apprehended in Spain, is accused of forcing the woman into prostitution, while the 36-year-old Romanian, arrested in Bavaria, is suspected of aiding him.

Investigators believe that several women fell victim to the human trafficking ring. The 36-year-old suspect is alleged to have recruited and controlled the women. Meanwhile, a 47-year-old client of the victim from southern Rhineland-Palatinate could not be located.

The police commend the close collaboration with the Federal Criminal Police Office (BKA), Europol, and authorities in Spain and Romania.

Human trafficking and forced prostitution are every-day problems in the DACH countries as well

On Sex Club Wien Magazine and on our sister projects, we reported a lot of cases of human trafficking and forced prostitution. Organised crime gangs are involved in such actions in the whole DACH region, as we covered police raids from Austria, Germany and Switzerland as well.

Elke Bartels, former police chief of Duisburg, unveiled the reality of prostitution and human trafficking in Germany, focusing on the situations faced by women in the sex industry since the legalization of prostitution in 2002. Bartels advocated for law reforms and stronger protection measures, highlighting the urgent need to address these exploitative practices and safety of vulnerable sex workers. Read the whole article here: Women are completely vulnerable: the reality of prostitution and human trafficking in Germany

In an effort to combat illegal prostitution and human trafficking, authorities in Germany conducted searches across several locations, leading to the arrest of individuals involved in exploiting vulnerable women. A 44-year-old woman was also arrested, who employed at least nine Chinese women illegally as sex workers: Police operation targets illegal prostitution and human trafficking in Germany

The Swiss police’s campaign against sex trafficking and illegal prostitution previously achieved notable success. Utilizing internet ads to enhance public awareness, the initiative significantly increased the reporting of suspicious activities linked to human trafficking. This approach demonstrated the critical role of community engagement in identifying and addressing exploitation, marking a key milestone in the fight against these illicit practices: Swiss police continue their sex trafficking campaign

In an operation against suspected human traffickers, German police deployed hundreds of officers across the Hamburg region. This led to the search of over 15 apartments and underscored the significant efforts to combat smuggling and exploitation. Key arrests were made, including a duo accused of smuggling dozens from Thailand for illegal prostitution: Police took hundreds of officers against suspected human traffickers

The number of underage victims of human trafficking is alarmingly increasing, as detailed in a report focusing on the shift of human trafficking from street prostitution to operating from illegal apartments, especially in Düsseldorf, Germany. This article further highlights the use of the Loverboy method to exploit young girls, luring them into prostitution under the guise of love and affection: Number of underage victims of human trafficking on the rise

Austrian police arrested three individuals linked to a Romanian gang accused of forcing more than 20 women, mainly from Moldova, into prostitution in Vienna and other Austrian cities. The suspects exploited the women and seized their earnings: Women lured and forced into prostitution in Austria

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