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Swiss police continue their sex trafficking campaign

For quite some time, the internet ad “Do you have eggs, customer?” has been online. Since September 3, 2021, the Swiss Crime Prevention (SKP) program to combat illicit prostitution and human trafficking has been available on relevant websites in close collaboration with the Basel-Stadt cantonal police.

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Banners with succinct phrases are displayed on websites selling sexual services as part of this preventative campaign. The banners go to SKP’s website.

What is this campaign about?

The website brings unlawful prostitution and human trafficking to the notice of visitors. She also invites people to report any unease to ACT212’s National Human Trafficking Reporting Unit, or to the police in emergency situations.

The initiative attempts to discover suspected cases at an early stage and report them by especially enhancing client awareness. The few convictions in connection with human trafficking yet make it impossible to draw any conclusions about the true number of victims. It is still considered that there are a large number of unreported instances.

After six months, there is a positive ratio

“Do you have eggs, the customer?” was the conclusion after six months of running the ad, indicating that it was a success. The number of people that click on the banner and are redirected to the SKP landing page each month is in the mid-three digits. Since September 2021, suspicious activity reports to the National Reporting Office ACT212 have increased dramatically.

Despite the fact that these reports are anonymous and there is no way to prove a clear link to the campaign, the increase in the number of reports sent since September 2021 is noteworthy. Regardless of the numerical statistics, every complaint filed and every client informed is critical in the fight against prostitution and human trafficking. As a result, the campaign makes a significant contribution to making the workplace safer for sex workers.

The amount of clicks on these SPK banners per month has climbed to the “mid-three-digit level” since September 2021. The number of reports to ACT212 has risen “significantly.” According to a spokesman for the canton police, there were 10 suspicious activity reports from 2015 to 2021, with six in the last six months alone, as reported by the Keystone-SDA news agency.

The campaign has been renowned for six more months

This is encouraging news, prompting the Basel-Stadt cantonal police and the SKP to extend the campaign for another six months. The campaign’s expansion to adjacent countries is also being considered. In addition, additional websites will be added to improve accessibility.

The impact the campaign had on sex trafficking awareness is immense and is a great result of the country’s educational politics.

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