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Swedish vandals sentenced to three years of imprisonment

Two Swedes have recently received a punishment of three years in jail because of what they did to a brothel in Mallorca back in 2019. In addition to the jail time, they also have to pay a compensation fee to the landlord. Continue reading this post and learn more about the drunken night of these two Swedes in Mallorca. Additionally, you can also find other interesting topics to read after the news piece. Keep on reading to find out more now!

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Drunken night results in jail time

According to the judge, the two Swedish men got too drunk and rowdy in a brothel in Mallorca back in November 2019. As a result of this they were thrown out of the club by the owner in the early hours of the morning, before he closed the establishment for the day. Instead of going home, the two Swedes decided to break into the brothel and cause considerable damage to it. Apparently, they stole various things from the brothel, including a tablet, a phone, bottles of alcohol and even part of the music system. After this, they also set fire to the furniture and the interior of the brothel before leaving.

Vandals caught and sentenced to prison

The two men have only recently been caught and sentenced in court. They were identified on a recording, but they denied that it’s them. However, there were witnesses who testified against them, stating that they’ve seen them do it. Additionally, one of the men later admitted to committing the crime out of revenge, as they were apparently robbed by the women who worked there.

Although the fact that they have been drunk was noted by the judge, the punishment was quite severe nonetheless. The judge sentenced the two Swedish men to three years of imprisonment each, as well as a compensation fee of around 27,000 euros. The vandals are required to pay for the damage caused, as well as three months of rent while the club was closed because they set it on fire.

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