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Nail salon turned into illegal brothel in Leipzig

There have recently been reports of men regularly visiting a nail salon in Leipzig, Germany. According to our sources, men are entering and exiting the building which is used as a nail salon around every 30 minutes. To find out exactly what is going on, keep reading the post. Additionally, you will also find other interesting news pieces that you might want to check out. Read on to learn more now!

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Nail salon in Leipzig turned into illegal brothel

Apparently, the reason why so many men are visiting this particular nail salon is because it is actually operating as an illegal brothel with the disguise of a nail salon. Reports and photographs have been circulating around about a large number of men being overly interested in something that in mainly considered to be services for women. As it turns out, the reason for this excitement is actually cheap sex that is being offered by two Vietnamese women.

Vietnamese gang operates illegal brothel in Leipzig

According to sources, the illegal brothel is run by a Vietnamese gang that apparently already has similar establishments around the country. The two women who are offering their services in the Leipzig local are apparently asking for only 50 euros per half an hour. This is one of the main reasons why so many men are lately getting more and more interested in “getting their nails done”.

At the time of writing, the establishment has been reported to the local authorities and they are investigating the situation. In case we acquire any other information about this story, we will make sure to update our readers on it, so be sure to keep coming back for the latest information.

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