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Police took hundreds of officers against suspected human traffickers

Founding the new evidence of human trafficking had officially confirmed that there is a new case in the Hamburg region.

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According to SPIEGEL information, investigators managed to strike against sexual exploiters. Some of the sources say that there were smuggled dozens of prostitutes mainly from Thailand to the German territory.

Investigators from the Federal Police and the State Criminal Police Office (LKA) Hamburg are working on this case of a smuggling network found in northern Germany. Over 15 apartments have been searched since Monday by over 350 officers in the Hamburg region. At that time, the Hamburg public prosecutor’s office was investigating three suspects on suspicion of smuggling in foreigners, primarily for commercial purposes, and of trafficking in human beings for sexual exploitation.

Sexual Exploitation

As SPIEGEL says, the two main accused are a 53-year-old German from the Hamburg district and her 57-year-old business partner, who is said to have supported her as an economist and debt collector. They both were arrested. Investigators claim the suspects are said to have smuggled dozens of women and transsexuals from Thailand. Their primary plan was to smuggle them with tourist visas to Germany so they can work illegally as prostitutes in so-called model apartments. Police say that in 30 rooms, people smuggled to receive up to ten clients a day, and Thais had to pay 300 to 600 euros per room per week.

The sex workers were heavily dependent on their landlords, but fortunately, there is no evidence of physical violence against prostitutes. One thing is sure- without any language skills, social contacts, and illegal residence status, there is no doubt that this is classic sexual exploitation.

Joint investigation team

A joint investigative group from the Hamburg Federal Police Inspectorate for the Fight against Crime with the Hamburg LKA targeted this network in June. The case represents the main evidence that there is still a high number of unreported cases of human trafficking in Germany. Smuggle prostitutes are usually brought in legally registered brothels. But that couldn’t protect women and transsexuals.

The police officer also said that people exploitation doesn’t take a violent pimp. The argument is that prostitutes live in rented apartments, form their own prices and they are practically independent. Because of all these factors, it’s really hard to notice much evidence of exploitation. However, many victims end up addicted to drugs, and they are indeed left at mercy of their landlords and smugglers.

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