15-year-old visited a brothel, sex worker fined by police

In a recent incident in the district of Baden, a 15-year-old boy visited a brothel under the guise of being 20 years old. Following this deception, the prostitute he engaged with has faced legal repercussions. The 25-year-old Romanian woman reportedly engaged in sexual activities with the minor, including manual stimulation, in a private room. The encounter lasted 30 minutes, with the young man paying CHF 200 for the services rendered. Subsequently, he returned to the bar area while the accused showered before joining him.

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She should have been more diligent in confirming the age

The sex worker‘s failure to verify the boy’s age and identity has led to her being penalized. The penalty order emphasized that she should have been more diligent in confirming the age of the young man, particularly since he was unfamiliar to her. As per the public prosecutor’s office, requesting proof of identity from the patron could have prevented this oversight.

The accused has been fined 50 daily rates of 150 francs, totaling 7500 francs, with conditional terms. This means she is exempt from payment if no further offenses occur within the next two years. Additionally, she received a CHF 1,500 fine and was ordered to pay penalty fees amounting to CHF 800.

This incident mirrors a comparable case in Basel in 2021, where a prostitute faced legal consequences for engaging in sexual activity with a 13-year-old who misrepresented his age. Prompted by law enforcement noticing the minor’s youthful appearance, the sex worker was apprehended, spending the night in police custody.

The court imposed a conditional fine of 90 daily rates of 90 francs, and the threat of expulsion from the country was mitigated.

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