Forced Prostitution in Austria: Several People Arrested

It has been recently revealed that a gang in Austria was forcing Nigerian women into prostitution. This was reported to the police by a Nigerian minor who had a lot of information about the matter. The authorities then took action and arrested five of the gang members who were accused of forced prostitution.

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After the investigations, it turned out that the gang was active in sex scene of Austria and Italy as well. The five arrests took place in Piacenza, in the northern part of Italy. There are another nine suspects that are not arrested yet. The police keeps a close eye on them for a while, ready to take action.

The Victims of Forced Prostitution got transferred to Austria

The Austrian Federal Criminal Police Office stated that while five suspects got arrested in Italy, they have found another gang member in Greece. When it comes to the victims, there are six Nigerian women they currently know about in Austria.

They were simply dragged there by the perpetrators for forced prostitution. They basically had no choice with the amount of psychological pressure that was applied on them. Who knows for how long this gang would have been operated if the Nigerian woman didn’t decide to go to the police.

Thanks to her complaints, the case got underway immediately by the authorities. After she arrived in Italy in 2017, they dragged her to Austria. The main goal of the criminal gang was to earn money through forcing her and other Nigerian girls into working as sex workers.

As a result of her complaints, the police helped her get back to Piacenza. Then she had to cooperate with the Italian police in order to get the investigation going. According to her, there is a lot of violence going on in forced prostitution towards women day by day.

Their daily lives were a mix of psychological pressure and physical violence. And there is a lot of money in this kind of illegal business. The criminal gang that got shut down got as much as 40,000 Euros out of these Nigerian girls. This is just the amount they paid overall for the transfer from Africa to Libya and then to Italy.

23-Year-Old Gang Member Accused of Rape

The six gang members are now in custody. They are guilty for violence, forced prostitution, fostering illegal immigration and a few other things as well. One of them is a 23-year-old who even got accused of raping an underage Nigerian girl while she was working as a sex worker.

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