Sex Doll Brothels – Artificial Women with No Expectations

A customer shared the experiences he had with a sex doll. We are going to call him Patrick for the sake of his privacy. The 28-year-old Patrick has never had sex before and his first experience was with one of these artificial women.

Sex Work in Vienna

He entered the room and lied down on the bed, near his partner that is made of a combination of rubber and plastic. This particular sex doll was called Miku. It was quite an indifferent moment, as all Miku can do is to stare at whatever is in front of her.

This didn’t bother Patrick at all. The plastic woman turned him on immediately. As he looked at her, he saw everything he likes in a woman. Miku has a slim waist, big round breasts and a perfect butt. She has the figure that most men are looking for.

He began with the petting, the kisses and then slowly started to penetrate her. Let’s see what Patrick has to say about the whole experience.

Bordoll, the First Sex Doll Brothel in Germany

The owner of Bordell is a woman called Evelyn Schwarz. It was her idea to open the sex doll brothel as an experienced brothel owner. There were many girls working under her but the brothel she ran at the time was becoming increasingly hard to manage.

It eventually got to the point where she had to give up. The reason behind this is that she couldn’t find girls who want to work. The year 2017 came and there were only she and another girl working in the brothel. She accepted the failure and kept her eyes open for other opportunities.

That’s when she’d read about a sex dolls brothel in Japan. According to the report, this is a thing that an increasing number of people are interested in. Evelyn thought, why not give it a try? So she bought two dolls just to try things out. It certainly worked, as currently 12 sex dolls are available there while she is running a successful business.

Patrick was One of Their Satisfied Clients

As the brothel attracted more and more clients, it eventually got Patrick interested too. The first time he went there was in May 2018 and he liked it so much that he visited four times since then. He didn’t even think twice about driving 300 kilometers to have sex with a plastic doll for 80 Euros per hour.

It was a pleasant experience for Patrick when he first went there. The sex doll brothel is actually a nice place with a fireplace welcoming the guests in the lounge. There were also dolls sitting around and a television with a porn channel running.

Patric felt great in this relaxing atmosphere. On top of that, the staff gave him the feeling that what he’s about to do is just another everyday thing. The place is exactly made for him. He is a shy guy who wouldn’t pay for a real prostitute because he simply can’t loosen up enough for it.

For him, it is a better option to have sex with one of the sex dolls. While spending time with a real prostitute would be a frustrating experience for him, he felt relaxed with the doll on her side. Since the doll has no expectations, he can try anything he wants with it and turn his fantasies into reality. There was no pressure. And if you’re looking for more sex toys, you can visit this adult store australia.

Sex Doll Brothels Give Men Complete Freedom in Bed

A sex doll brothel is also a place where men don’t need to prove anything. There is no need to perform well in bed or to do anything in a certain way. Patrick even had the choice to choose between firm and soft breasts. He chose a soft pair of boobs because those felt more realistic for him.

The other choice that clients have is that they can choose between built-in vaginas and vagina inserts. The only thing the brothel doesn’t let its clients do is to have sex with the dolls in positions that are impossible in real life. Their dolls are simply not designed like that so it would only do damage to them.

Sex doll in the brothel

Of course, the sex dolls are getting more and more worn out after each use. According to the owner Evelyn Schwartz, a doll usually lasts six months until they replace it with a new one. And if you are considering using sex toys see First Sex Toys for some very useful advice. Besides men like Patrick who find it difficult to meet real women, husbands also like to visit the sex doll brothel.

This usually doesn’t mean that there is a problem with their marriage. These men just want to try out new things in bed and live up to their fantasies. If they can’t do it at home, then a brothel like this one is certainly a good place to go.

On its average day, the brothel welcomes 15 customers which makes it quite a successful business. For home use, the same dolls can be bought for around 200 Euros for home usage. And you should see this site if you want to see the very best sex toys available.

What do Professionals Think about Sex Doll Brothels?

According to sex therapists, sex dolls are actually a good thing. There were probing surveys that comfirmed the positive therapeutic effects of spending time with sex dolls and sex robots as well. This was a research conducted by the Sigmund Freud University in Vienna.

It can be found on the website of the US National Library of Medicine. There were also experts who consider sex dolls as a great way for people with sexual disorders to live out their desires. This way, they are not going to feel compelled to do the same thing with real people and thus potentially hurt them.

An article on the topic was published on The Atlantic where the main claim was that sex dolls can be a great way to deal with pedophilia.

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