Sex Work News: US Lawyer Works as a Prostitute

Interesting sex work news! For those who have some extra time, a side job is a good way to earn extra money. If that side job is also interesting and fun, then it’s even more beneficial. The woman we are going to talk about have found her dream job while working as a US lawyer.

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While she loves her job as a defense lawyer, Katherine Sears was always interested in becoming a prostitute. So she did, and now she frequently travels Las Vegas to meet new gentlemen and have casual sex with them for money.

By the way, Katherine is a married woman and a mother of two. Since sex work is legal in the state of Nevada, traveling there allows her to practice her unusual hobby.

As she stated “Sex is fun. I love sex, and now I’m also paid for it.” Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life, right? She is currently 30 years old and she absolutely loves it. She considers herself a shy person but when she is with her clients, it all goes away.

Sex work in the USA

It was quite easy for her to find the job. All she had to do is to apply to a legal brothel, get on the plane and start working. Working as a sex worker brings out a side of her she always wanted to express. It made Katherine a stronger woman with the ability to earn thousands of dollars.

According to her, she made $55,000 in only three weeks, which is crazy.

Husband says he doesn’t care of his wife’s sex work

Her new side job did no harm to her marriage. Her husband, Jonathan Sears, is also a lawyer and they run a successful law firm together. In the interview, he said: “I really don’t care” and he honestly couldn’t care less as long as his wife loves what she does.

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The two of them have met in college and a wonderful relationship had formed between them. Katherine was already working as a sex worker at the time they were dating while raising her first child. Then it didn’t take long until their common child has born, forming a happy family of four.

Since she loves her job, she is totally open about it. Katherine has her own Linkedin profile where she advertises the “Sheri’s Ranch” brothel, the place she currently works at. She constantly spreads the word that “Prostitutes are people. The prostitutes I work with are some of the best people I know.”

In her opinion, sex work is work and it should be accepted by people just like any other everyday profession. Katherine is all about the decriminalization of sex work in the US, which is also why she accepts all cases related to the matter free of charge.

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