Discretion in brothels

Why is it important?

Discretion in sex clubs is a cardinal point. A part of the clients might be prudish as they don’t want to endanger their family life. It’s not surprising because none of them want to find themselves in an inconvenient situation. The outsider part of the society also will judge prostitutes.

Discretion for the girls

Wien's discreet girl

From the girls point of view the main thing is that many of the times they use pseudonyms as they don’t want to reveal their real personality. And they often change these names. They think it’s a shame when it turns out they work in the sex industry. They are young girls, so maybe they are quite often shy to their parents, friends or boyfriends. So maybe they occasionally move between the brothels and don’t always work at the same place. Another sign of discretion you’ll see if you take a look at websites of reputable brothels is that most of the girls have their face covered up. Not surprisingly just very few of them take their real personality.

Discretion for clients

If a man lives in a permanent relationship, he doesn’t want to be turned out his secret entertainment. In sex industry privacy is a supreme thing. Men don’t want to have their relationship ruined because of some sex in a brothel.

If a man is married it’s more complicated. If they are caught by their wives, it can be proved adultery. It’s crucial in emotional and monetary questions too. Maybe a man loves his wife but don’t get enough sex. This can be a reason why they visit the brothels.

If we are at adultery, the richer the man the more he wants to save his privacy. Being caught with a prostitute by a wife can be a really serious reason for divorce. If it happens, for example a businessman can lose a significant amount of his wealth. But the main reason is that indiscreet brothels will face decreasing reputation which means fewer clients. That’s why brothels deem discretion to be very important.

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