Prostitutes desire to be more well-known

Prostitutes demand stronger voice on “International Whore Day.” That is why, on 4th of July, Saturday, they went to the streets.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

On Saturday, sex workers protested on Kurfürstendamm for more rights and less limitations in their job. They seek more involvement in legislation that influence their profession, as the slogan of last Thursday’s “International Whore Day” stated: “Talk to us instead of about us.” A strong slogan to attract the attention on them and their needs. A demonstration with 150 people will take place from Hardenbergplatz to Viktoria-Luise-Platz from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Criticism of the Prostitute Protection Act’s requirements

Sex work should be considered a normal career, according to industry officials and advocates. The obligation for periodic registrations and consultations should be removed, according to Stephanie Klee, member of the Federal Association of Sexual Services (BSD), who spoke at a conference in the Charlottenburg Artemis brothel on “International Whores Day.”

Since 2017, the Prostitute Protection Act has made sex work subject to a registration requirement: prostitutes must be informed and instructed on a regular basis and they must possess a certificate, commonly known as a “whore pass” in the business, with them.” Based on the requirements, for this industry there are strict rules applied. The legal framework should support the control of unauthorized buildings. Instead, according to Klee, the legislation leads to repression.

Since 2021, it has been illegal for a client to be fined if he might have recognized the working conditions of a woman prostitute. However, according to industry officials, this does not stop forced prostitution. Prostitutes who have been forced to do so would never confess it. “The law is useless against criminals, but it irritates the public.” Forced prostitution, according to activist Seyran Ates who advocate for women’s civil rights, should be combated by distinct laws against violence and human trafficking. Because many women work deliberately and independently, prostitution should not be condemned or stigmatized in general.

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