Prohibited prostitution in a hotel in Mindelheim and a 32-year-old jailed for four years for stabbing

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After offering her services, a sex worked has to pay a fine now

According to authorities, a prostitute was selling her services in a Mindelheim hotel. The suspicion grew on the spot. The cops discovered many items in the room of a 46-year-old lady that implied sex work.

Despite the fact that sex work is recognized as a profession, it is prohibited in Mindelheim.

Although sex work has been recognized as a profession since 2022, it is not permitted everywhere, and according to the police, this also applies to Mindelheim. Because of this law the prostitute must pay a fine.

A 32-year-old man was sentenced to four years in prison for stabbing

The Frankfurt Regional Court sentenced a 32-year-old man to four years in jail for a knife attack on another person. After this, the judges assumed attempted murder and serious bodily injury. An argument about a prostitute occurred in May 2021 between the accused and the 38-year-old victim. The accused did not know the man who he attacked before the argument. When the defendant’s opponent approached him holding a construction site sign, he pulled out a knife and stabbed him seven times. The critically injured person required hospitalization. The verdict is not yet valid and enforceable.

In court, the accused agreed to the crime but claimed it was in self-defence, which the judges rejected. In consideration of the huge number of stabs, the court, like the public prosecutor before it, presumed a conditional intent to kill. However, because his opponent had provoked and threatened him, a less serious case was accepted. Otherwise, the punishment would have been far greater, according to the report.

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