Weekly Sex Club Review Week 50

It surely has been quite a while since our latest Weekly Sex Club Review, around 8 weeks. However, nothing of major importance has happened until now.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

Let’s take a look at what’s new and worth mentioning in Vienna’s Pay Sex Scene. We’ll be looking briefly into Maxim Wien, LH Juchgasse, Studio Ölweingasse 1150 as well as the situation of AO sex in some Sex Studios.

Maxim Wien

maxim club

New girls have recently arrived in Maxim Wien – Daria, Lorene and Inna.

Daria is a lovely brunette with a pretty smile and a pair of perky tits. The photos on her Maxim profile show Daria wearing in a tight floral dress, sexy lingerie and finally Daria full nude.

Lorene – https://maxim-wien.com/all-girls, the new blonde in Maxim is a delight to the eyes. Especially in her profile pics on the Maxim Website which shows her in a red dress that displays her slim body. As the photo shoot progressed, the red dress came off, showing Lorene’s naked body.

Inna, the Romanian red-head has successfully combined a dirty look with a beautiful smile in almost all of her Maxim pictures! She definitely seems to be a girl that you have to check out! Keep in mind that she has just returned to Maxim so there’s no saying for how long she’ll be there.

maxim christmas party

Now here comes the fun part about Maxim – the Maxim Parties. This Christmas Maxim will host the Sexy XXX-Mas Party on the 14th December.

According to the details there will be 10 girls competing for the “Queen of Maxim 2015” title. Also, similar to the last two Maxim Parties (the Eurovision Sex Contest and the 50 Years Celebration of Dr. Pepi Stern) “POWERPACK” will be there to entertain the guests.

Laufhaus Juchgasse

samira girl

The beautiful Romanian girl, Samira was in Laufhaus Juchgasse earlier in November according to this article: http://sex-vienna.com/2015/11/09/samira-is-back-in-lh-juchgasse/.

Although LH Juchgasse hasn’t had the best time recently due to three shady girls joining the LH (Read here more info on Ria Paradise, Kina Kash and Vanity Porn http://sexclubwien.com/weekly-sex-club-reviews/weekly-sex-club-review-week-42/), Samira is a long-time recommended girl in Vienna.

Will she return? We have no clue for the moment, but will keep you posted when we find out.

Studio Ölweingasse 1150

girl nina

Our choice to review may be a bit odd, seeing as how this studio is not the greatest but bear with us for a bit and you’ll understand why. Just after we published our previous Weekly Sex Club Review – Week 42 we found out that Silicone Darling Nina has returned to Vienna.

She’s working in Studio Ölweingasse 1150 (where she was previously working as well) alongside Bonita, Sandy and Honey (which are three beauties). All four girls are offering AO service, Nina being the most expensive one – 50 € extra for the AO.

More details on the girls as well as pictures in this review: http://sex-vienna.com/2015/10/19/silicone-darling-nina-is-back-in-vienna/.

Sex Studios with AO Service


A truly interesting point of view on the AO Service in Vienna that Sex Studios offer here: http://sex-vienna.com/2015/11/09/ao-service-in-viennas-sex-studios/. There are some really strong points being made here about how the girls are affected by the AO service or by not offering it in several Sex Studios: Studio Stolberggasse, Studio La Chica, Studio Haberlgasse 71 and many other Studios.

Oddly enough, most girls that start clean from AO service eventually give in (especially in the three Sex Studios mentioned above). There are numerous reasons why they give up on their principles of safe and clean sex – the most obvious for us would be the money they could earn by offering AO sex (or the money they’re losing by staying away from AO).

We will not be covering Laufhaus Rosi, Rachel or Vienna this edition because honestly there are hardly any new girls there. We’ll make sure to dig thoroughly in our next edition

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