Weekly Sex Club Review Week 45

First of all, we would like to apologize for the long wait for this Weekly Sex Club Review, but not all establishments are eager to supply information on a regular basis. However, we are back and ready to tell you more about Vienna sex clubs! We will talk about new girls that joined the clubs, recent happenings in Wien and more. As always, we are taking a look at some of the best Vienna sex clubs and what they are offering.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

When generally looking at the sex landscape apart from the bigger clubs, what we see in rather bleak and not too promising. The scene is very inconsistent and not a lot of pretty new ladies are presently in Vienna. Some of the studios in the cheaper regions are closing, but nothing noteworthy or spectacular happening.

If you haven’t read our previous Sex Club Reviews, be sure to check out the article for week 41 or week 36 now!

With that out of the way, let’s take a look at some of the more interesting news about Vienna sex clubs, starting with Sexclub Maxim Wien.

Sexclub Maxim Wien


As so often, the best updates are delivered from Maxim, so we start there. The current lineup of girls is very promising, especially with new girls joining the team.

Tamara, the Austrian girl who conjured a lot of noise last month has left town already. We don’t know where she is or when she’s returning. She will be missed and we’re hoping she returns soon.

But don’t worry too much, as there are lots of new ladies in Maxim that deserve a second look. Here are the new Maxim girls that we are featuring today: Nicky, Kim and Arielle. All three girls are new and come highly recommended. Besides the newcomers, we will also talk about Daisy and Raquel too.



Nicky can best be categorized as a SUPER-MILF. She is not your typical teenage girl. She is clearly a lady, which can be seen from her appearance and demeanor. Nicky speaks four languages, so communication with her should be easy.

Nicky from Sexclub Maxim Wien


Here’s something you won’t see every day in a sex club! Arielle is a Spanish girl who is originally from the Dominican Republic. Latina girls are rare in the Vienna sex scene, so she is quite a gem.

Arielle maxim wien

Arielle is a gorgeous Latina with long dark hair and a magnificent ass. She has a few tattoos covering her body, but she is a beauty nonetheless.


Kimm is a natural and super nice girls. Even though her pictures show otherwise, Kimm currently has blonde hair.

Kimm maxim wien

The photos on the Maxim site do not live up to her real look. She is more natural in person, but her body is just as good as on the pictures. When you see her, you might be reminded of Miley Cyrus in a way.



Daisy is always worth a mention, as she is one of the most popular sexworkers in all of Vienna. She is very much recommended, if she is not fully booked.

daisy maxim wien

As you can see, Daisy’s pictures don’t show too much and more is left for the imagination. Not only does she look great, but she is enthusiastic about her work too.


Raquel being back in Maxim is a nice surprise, as we’ve heard that she wouldn’t be back anytime soon.

Raquel maxim wien

She’s a sexy Romanian girl who has been absent from Maxim for a while. She’s a solid pick if you like what you see.

Goldentime Saunaclub

goldentime saunaclub

Goldentime is super strong right now with many ladies working there. They haven’t been struggling all year and they had a big and good lineup from the beginning of the 2017. However, they have been receiving mixed reviews recently and this hasn’t stopped.

We are hearing a lot of international noise from mongerers. Many are afraid that Germany will become less and less attractive due to a law that is already in place. This law prohibits OWO (oral without condom) offered in sex clubs. Although this isn’t enforced everywhere yet, we can already see the first impact starting to show. There are routine and “undercover” police checks in the clubs and that is a bit scary.

For all we know, Austria shouldn’t be affected by this at all. There is no such law in place yet and allegedly it’s not planned either. However, it adds to people’s insecurity regarding this topic. As a matter of fact, many girls in FKKs follow the happenings in Germany and they are aware of this special situation. Cases in which girls ask extra money for OWO are becoming an annoying reoccurrence. Management is not intervening in Viennese FKK clubs, such as Goldentime, Funpalast and Fresh. In all three clubs, the girls asking extra money for OWO and kissing is a thing; or a problem if you want to put it that way. In Maxim and Babylon, this is still monitored by the management. We asked and it was confirmed that at least management encourages clients to complain if extra money for OWO is being asked.

Three Bulgarian girls in Goldentime

Apart from this, we have to report unusual news about Goldentime. We here at Sex Club Wien consider Bulgarian girls to be among the best sexworkers of them all. Especially in absence of Russian and Ukrainian ladies. However, a new group of very attractive Bulgarian girls in Goldentime are amongst those you should avoid. The list of things they don’t like is longer than what they offer. For us, it all starts and ends if a lady doesn’t allow to be licked. The girls you should avoid at Goldentime:

  • Florina
  • Paris
  • Irina (blonde)

They are three different types of girls and they are very sexy. So far, they have a lot of business, but surely not a lot of repeating clients. They usually sit on the outer part of the stage, where Bulgarian girls usually sit. They are a clear example of “just look, but don’t book”.

We would love to show pictures of the Goldentime girls, but due to the nature of FKKs, there are hardly any photos to be found.


funpalast saunaclub

As I’ve said before, the Vienna sex landscape is not good now at the end of 2017 outside of the big clubs. Even Funpalast, which is the first big budget club in Vienna comes short on delivering young fresh talent. Actually, they deliver, but the girls give up sometimes within hours and they mostly last a few days at max. This is sad and we are having a hard time imagining what else there is to do for Funpalast to attract stunning ladies who actually stay a while.

That said, Funpalast is currently the cheapest option if you want to see one of the big clubs. However, it is becoming more and more worn down, which is not a surprise seeing what they attract.

Peepshow Burggasse

When everything else fails, one could always turn to one of the “nerds” of the Vienna sex scene; Peepshow Burggasse. They are well-known and liked for their youthful approach and good lineup of ladies. Believe it or not, even Peepshow Burggasse is struggling in the November of 2017 and they are failing to bring in new talent.

Their main girl Alexa was spotted in Laufhaus Rosi a few days ago, where she will definitely not stick around for long. She is probably going to be back in Peepshow Burggasee soon to save them. We would very much like to see this happen.

Alexa Peepshow Burggasse

Peepshow ML Movieline

Speaking of peepshows, it seems that the ML Movieline peepshow close to Mariahilferstrasse will re-open soon. This place was always a dark horse to us, because let’s be frank, they were irrelevant for decades. But with the old owner of Burggasse taking over, they could rise like a phoenix and add to the mix in a good way.

ML Movieline was actually known for their live porn shows, but no sex provided. One could only watch the girls through a window and touch themselves. At least this is what was officially said. All other peepshows were known to offer sex with the ladies openly. We will be sure to follow what happens and report on it!

Malisha Erotikmassage Palast

The official website of Massage Malisha indicates that they have opened a new club (Termingirls) in Vösendorf, just a few meters outside of Vienna. Our best sources have said that some of the furniture from the club in the center of Vienna has been taken and is probably in the new house. This is not a good sign for Malisha’s lifespan in our opinion and it kind of feels like its days are numbered.

This place has never had the necessary luck and success since its opening three and a half years ago. Already back then, they were dependent on the Porn babe operation in Brunn am Gebirge. Vienna doesn’t seem to be their natural habitat and they really don’t get a foot on the ground there as it seem.


Okaybar is rumored to be opening their doors again soon, by a new owner. Not much is known about the situation, although we have a guess on who will it be. But since we are not sure about our prediction, we will keep it to ourselves.

Anyway, the situation can’t get any worse for the establishment, so much is clear. Workers were spotted outside of the place in the last few days. Apparently renovation seems to be in order, which seems strange as the place was as good as new; mainly because hardly anybody went there.

Additional news

Fake photos are also becoming more and more of an issue in the Vienna sex catalogues. Sure, we always long for pretty ladies and it would be best if the variety would be bigger. We would like to see Latinas from South America or Central America, or Asian and Russian ladies, but this is not the case, as the law dictates otherwise.

Despite the law problem, there are actually a few Latinas working in a place in Vienna at the moment. However, they are luring people in with fake photos. Here, see for yourself:

  • Lea
  • Gata
  • Sammy

These were just a few examples; there are many more. What this is, is an illegal apartment in which a few ladies live and work. They look good, but the photos are always fake. Seeing that the girls are from South America, they almost certainly do not have the green health book that indicates that they’re free of STDs. They kind of look like the pictures, so not all is bad, but we should not donate to those practices. And really, we have learned our lesson from the “providers” of Barichgasse. Multiple scammers are working illegally there and it has been raided by the police before and probably will be again. Check out this article that we found about one of the scamming girls in an illegal apartment in Barichgasse. Click here to read the full Sex-Vienna report.

Parting words

The November of 2017 isn’t good for sex clubs in Vienna. Even the bigger clubs are feeling the drought, as they are not able to find new talent. Smaller studios are not able to keep up with this and many of them are getting closed.

Maxim is the only club that seems to be able to bring in new girls on a regular basis. And they are the only ones that have real photos of the girls on their website. This is very helpful for us, as we are able to show our readers what to expect. Unfortunately, other clubs and FKKs are not doing this.

Goldentime is always a good pick, as they are one of the best FKKs in Vienna. The lineup is very strong right now, but you need to be careful about extra for OWO. This, plus the Bulgarian girls are the only problem we have with Goldentime right now.

Funpalast is a budget saunaclub that is alright. Don’t expect too much, as the place is cheap. You get what you pay for. But, it’s a great entry point for people on a low budget. If you want a better FKK experience, go to Goldentime instead.

Hopefully, we are able to supply you with news about Vienna sex clubs very soon. If anything noteworthy happens in the Vienna sex scene, we will inform our loyal readers about it. Until then, good luck and happy mongering!

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