AO Sex in Vienna

Sex without condoms, also known as AO sex, is very common for stable and long-lasting relationships. However, it didn’t take long until sexclubs or studios began to offer such treatment. Of course, you have to pay extra to enjoy the “skin-to-skin” sensation. It differs from club to club, but it’s not that expensive.

Sex Job in Wien

Here’s a list of Vienna’s top sex studios that offer sex without condoms.

Positive and negative aspects to sex without condoms

There are some negative aspects to AO sex: Risk of spreading STDs and Risk of pregnancy

Risk of spreading STDs

Even though the sexclub girls are having regular medical check-ups, this doesn’t mean that the clients are too. So, not using condoms has a high risk for the girls as well as other following clients.

Risk of pregnancy

AO Sex in Vienna

When you decide to go to a sexclub, you never think of having a child right? But when you’re having unprotected sex, there’s always the risk for the unthinkable to happen. So, you need to be careful and take every precautionary measure you can think of when having AO sex.

Here are also some positive aspects to sex without condoms: High pleasure for both partners and Shorter duration of sex

High pleasure for both partners

The best sex is without a doubt sex without condoms. This goes both ways, for the men as well as the women. As mentioned above, the “skin on skin” sensation is highly appreciated because it truly is the “natural” way to have sex.

Shorter duration of sex

It is common knowledge that without a condom, the pleasure is higher, therefore sex might be shorter in duration. Some may argue that this might fall into the negative category. For the sexclub girls it is definitely a positive aspect, because it gives them the opportunity to charge more money for the same client or go to another client.

Regarding the clients, indeed a shorter sex duration might be a bad thing, but keep in mind that the pleasure factor is greater with AO sex than with protected sex. Also, they are left with more time to choose another girl or have another go at the same one.

All in all, AO sex seems to be like a win-win situation for those that are looking for unprotected sex.

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