Sex Magic

Magic is everywhere. It’s promoted in movies, animated clips and even normal commercials on TV. Similar to how magic can be found everywhere, sex is promoted even more.

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But what happens when the two combine?

man and woman experiencing sex magicOftentimes, the sex is too good that it actually feels like magic is happening. For example, in a sex club, there are high chances that you’ll have sex with a sex club-girl and believe that magic is at hand, that there’s no way that sex can feel so good. Everything can happen in a sex club.

However, Sex Magic is more than this. It’s more than just a feeling of greatness and pleasure.

Sex Magic is the practice of magical rituals using sexual energy. It is believed that during and after reaching orgasms, the human bodies hold tremendous energy. Energy that can be used for magic.

Two options for the use of Sex Magic

The first one, the most popular is the use of the entire sexual act, building up energy, then releasing it at orgasm. Their concentration must be of the highest type, especially near the end when they need to focus on their desired use of Sexual Magic.

The second one is similar to the first, but with a different outcome. Although they gather up energy in a similar way through sex, they deny themselves the pleasure of an orgasm and the resulting energy is being withhold within the practitioner. In this way, he can use this energy for his personal goals.

tumblr_lyy2yi1IKl1r4294so1_500Sexual magic is in every type of sexual act

There is no limit to where sexual magic can be found and used. Whether they’re heterosexual acts, homosexual or even group sex, it doesn’t matter, sexual energy can be gathered in a similar way. Even through masturbation or sex without intercourse, the right quantity of sexual energy can be gathered.

Preachers of Sexual Magic

There are few such preachers, few known to the world at least. The earliest of them is a Western occultist from the 19th Century, Paschal Beverly Randolph. He was the leader of “The Mysteries of Eulis”. The Ordo Templi Orientis, or O.T.O. for short, is a secret society, founded in the early 20th century. Its purpose was to imitate the Freemasonry. It failed in doing so, mostly because of Aleister Crowley doing.

Aleister Crowley was the one to rearrange O.T.O. around the Law of Thelema. He was also an occult author, responsible for many books of sexual magic and practices revolving this. With all of this, sex has indeed a powerful energy around it. It’s up to you whether you use that energy for magical practices or simply to enjoy yourself.

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