The “Nordic Model” and sex industry in Germany

In this article is about Vanessa, who has a partner, a young child and wants to start working as a prostitute. She scheduled an appointment at the office to ensure everything goes as planned.

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After the second interview, which covers health-related topics, Vanessa will be registered and given the registration certificate, the so-called “Hurenpass”.

Vanessa will be able to work in a brothel, which would entail some level of protection due to the presence of security, emergency call buttons and other required hygiene items. But rent must also be paid and it is not cheap. Better still, a company in the escort sector? It also provides benefits, although of course there are fees involved. Whorehouse? Again, the subject of renting comes up, and the visits are equally brief; no appointments lasting a few hours are made. Perhaps move in with a coworker in an apartment? Less security than at a brothel, but more than being alone, and more reasonable rent are the benefits of this. But first, create a profile with attractive text and appealing images, then watch what happens.

Safety measures

Even though the consumer can clearly see that Vanessa is delighted about the first date, everything is fine. He’s friendly and they say farewell after a pleasant evening.

A few days later, the client returns, but this time he is not complying by the guidelines. He acts aggressively and coerces the woman into actions that were not discussed beforehand. She informs her partner at home and the next evening, the two file a complaint.

After this experience, Vanessa chooses to work in an apartment with a coworker.

Because many are wholly prohibited regions, it is technically illegal to do sex acts anyplace. Brothels, trips to hotels and flats and working from home are all illegal. Fortunately, her boyfriend is not jealous and is on her side.

Impact of the Nordic model

First off, since the woman don’t have to register, it’s simpler than in Germany. She is permitted to sell sex, but the fact that the consumer accepting the offer is against the law is absurd.

In a brothel? That is prohibited, hence it’s not lawful. A business? They are also prohibited. Whorehouse? Forbidden. The only option left is to rent an apartment along with a coworker. Oh no, it’s banned, therefore neither can you. Therefore, a web gateway is still present. The internet is reliable and a solution can always be found.

Well, until the cops really arrived, since the client and Vanessa were being watched. Nothing bad will happen to Vanessa, but the client is currently facing a fine or incarceration, also the hotel manager for renting the room and the taxi driver who took her to work.

In the end, there was no advertisement; instead, the profession with all its stigma and hazards was ultimately entered. For his protection, my ex-boyfriend ended our relationship and the child will grow up with him.


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