Raped prostitutes from Regensburg, a verdict in Traunstein

An Upper Bavarian was convicted of sexually assaulting a prostitute. The appeal process before the district court in Traunstein ended with a deal between the public prosecutor’s office, lawyer, co-plaintiff, and court.

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The Rosenheim court of independent judges condemned the 41-year-old to two years and five months in jail without the possibility of parole in January. The accused had stayed quiet on the charges at the time. He was allowed to take part in the trial this time.

Rosenheimer had planned to see a 45-year-old prostitute in his flat in August 2020, it is now certain. There was also mutual sex. However, after shifting positions, the man removed the condom. The phrase “stealthing” refers to the act of removing a condom during intercourse. The name is derived from the English word meaning deception or stealth. Because that, the lady then dressed and attempted to leave the flat, the 41-year-old chased her and used violence, according to the court’s verdict. However, the woman managed to escape.

Compensation has been verified

The individual was sentenced to one year and eight months in jail, suspended. Furthermore, the court disregarded the rape accusation under Section 154 of the Code of Criminal Procedure since it was minor in comparison to the other charges.

Moreover, the court upheld the prostitute’s compensation of 3000 euros. “My client is relieved that she will not have to testify in court again and that the appeals chamber has approved the compensation for pain and suffering,” said the victim’s lawyer, Philipp Pruy, after the decision.

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