Police Raid Club 4 in Pattaya and Rescue Girls Sold into Sex Trade

In a successful operation against illegal human trafficking, dozens of female employees were rescued from the “Club 4” bar in Pattaya’s notorious Sin City, where they were allegedly forced into prostitution, including underage girls.

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The undercover operation involved a foreign agent who infiltrated the Go-Go bar and successfully located a minor engaged in prostitution. As soon as the signal was given, police raided the establishment and arrested all the employees. The manager and a woman were also arrested, both accused of illegal human trafficking. However, the owner, who is believed to have operated the bar without a license, is still at large.

Pattaya, known for its notorious sex industry, has been a target for the Thai authorities to clean up and transform into a family-friendly vacation spot for years. However, the fight against the deeply-rooted sex trade and corruption remains challenging.

It is disheartening to know that sex tourism contributes to 10% of Thailand’s Gross Domestic Product, which amounts to almost 50 billion euros annually. Nonetheless, the Thai government continues to make efforts to combat human trafficking and provide a safer environment for all.

This latest raid serves as a reminder that the fight against illegal human trafficking is ongoing and highlights the importance of continued efforts to eradicate this heinous crime.

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