A couple who owned a fake strip club in Munich is being investigated

Recently, it was discovered that a 38-year-old man and his girlfriend owned a fake strip club in Munich. Currently, the Munich District Court is investigating the accusations brought against the couple. Read our article to find out more details.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

The owner of the club revealed his true nature to the girls

Our sources mentioned the person who was in charge of this fake strip club began to promote his sex bar last year. It is supposed the man used different tricks to lure the girls and he even had sexual relations with some of them. Each time when a girl wanted to apply, the man asked them to send him erotic photos. The women even had to strip off if they wanted to be hired. One of the most shocking parts of this story is that the man has filmed a video while he was violent with two girls. He declared that everything was just training and the main purpose was to teach the girls how to react if they will be assaulted.

According to the investigators, a woman was also raped. The man was blackmailing her with different photos in order to control her. The 38-year-old admitted he had sexual intercourses with the girls and his partner knew about these affairs. He also stated she didn’t have any idea about the fake strip club. Apparently, the man’s girlfriend didn’t have any clue the business of her boyfriend was illegal. The man admitted he wasn’t offering details to his fiance and he let her believe everything was fine. Until the investigation is over, we will not know whether the woman is innocent or not.

The girls were blackmailed
The girls were blackmailed


 At this moment the couple is being prosecuted in a court trial. As you probably imagine, the girls weren’t given the promised money and this is the reason why the man is also charged with fraud, rape and sexual assault. It will take some time until the trial will be ended, but one aspect is clear: the man can face a long sentence behind bars if the charges turn out to be true.

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