Loverboy gang brought to justice in Vienna

Illegal prostitution is still very active all around the world and numerous women are forced into prostitution against their will on a daily basis. Although prostitution has been legalized in many countries, illegal prostitution continues to be an imminent threat. Recently a gang of human traffickers has been arrested by the cooperation of law enforcement in different countries, also in Vienna. According to our sources, the gang has made more than 1 million euros in profit while they were active. There’s more to learn about the arrests of these loverboy gang members, continue reading!

Sex Job in Vienna

International gang of loverboys brought to justice

Not long ago, an international gang of loverboys has been busted in Austria and a couple of other European countries. According to officials, the gang has been operating and forcing women into illegal prostitution since 2012 and they have made a huge amount of money in this time. Recently, the joined forces of the Austrian, Romanian and Great British police forces have successfully stopped the operations of this human trafficking gang.

The Romanian police have successfully searched 16 houses in which they have found 22 suspects in total. According to the reports, some of the gang members who were arrested might have been the leaders of the Viennese part of the gang. In these house raids, the police have confiscated large amounts of cash, multiple luxurious cars, jewels and other things that have been bought from their illegal activities.

In addition to the Romanian arrests, the Great British police department has also made two arrests from the same gang. These people are currently being held in the police station for questioning. The Viennese law enforcement hasn’t made any arrests yet, but they have sized phone data and documents that could link the suspects to the loverboy gang.

More about the Loverboy method

Men who use the loverboy method lie to their victims and extort them whenever they have the chance. Loverboys pretend that they care about the victim; they buy them gifts and promise great opportunities for them in another country. Loverboys usually tell the women that they can work in another country for a great profit only to sell them into illegal prostitution once they have crossed the border. The women then have their passports taken away from them and they are forced into prostitution with mental and physical abuse.

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Conclusion on loverboy gang getting arrested

Thankfully, the cooperation of the law enforcement in these European countries has brought the loverboy gang to justice this time. However, there are countless other, similar illegal activity groups out there who are forcing women into prostitution. The women who are victim to these gangs have their lives turned upside down and many of them are never the same again. Unfortunately, the loverboy method has already taken a lot of victims and we don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon. What we can do is give awareness about this and share this news as much as possible. If you would like to contribute, we’ve found that the SV forum is the best way to do so. This is a forum that concentrates on everything related to the sex Vienna scene and it’s free to use for anyone.

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