Ex Red Light District in Westbahnhof Gets a New Green Oasis

Felberstraße was once one of the biggest red light districts in Vienna. Its great popularity has come to an end in 2011 when the new prostitution laws were introduced. This resulted in the disappearance of these activities in most parts of the city, including industrial areas and outskirts. Instead of read, the Felberstraße will be mostly green, as it will get a huge climate friendly area.

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Residents of the city are taking part in developing a full plan to the area’s makeover. They are working on the initial designs with the goal to end up with a comprehensive plan next year.

BB Infrastruktur is a big contributor when it comes to creating green areas in the city. It plays a huge role in this particular project as well. Their aim is to turn old train stations and storage grounds into climate friendly areas. The next one is going to Westbahnhof, focusing on the part along Felberstraße.

Turning Historic Potential into Green Space in Vienna

On Westbahnhof, there is a six hectare large storage grounds area. It is a part of the city that is no longer needed. However, train operations still need to be taken into account.

This means that the Westbahnhof is still going to able to function as a train hub just like before. The project will have no impact on its functionality. Uli Sima (SP), one of the members of the planning council highlighted that the main focus of the project should be environmental sustainability. This happened during the council’s presentation on Monday, 7th of November.

“Heavily populated locations like this one are truly in the need of big and fresh green areas.” Moreover, there are not many other climate friendly spaces in the 15th district. Around the Westbahnhof, people only have the Auer-Welsbach Park and the Reithofferpark.

This is yet another reason to take the historical opportunity and create a green space that will set an example. The west part of Vienna really needs sizable climate friendly spaces that make the environment better.” Says Sima.

Conversations are In Progress at the Rustensteg Informational Center

Numerous gatherings of town residents are taking place to bring the project to life. People from Rudolfsheim, Mariahilf, Penzig, and Neubau are all contributing to the project’s completion. This is a year-long process that includes tours, events, and group conversations. There was a huge “conversation day” in November that also included neighborhood walks.

Besides that, the Stadtraum Mitte 15 is another establishment that functions as a gathering place. It is a temporary spot built on Rutstensteg that is currently the informational center welcoming everyone who wants to participate. The area populates 21,000 people who are all encouraged to contribute.

The Westbahnhof Area has Clear Potential for Growth

“The Westbahnhof is well-known as one of the main transportation centers in the city. On the other hand, it has numerous operational regions that are empty. It is a huge area that has potential for growth, and now the city can turn it into something meaningful. The 15th district is heavily populated, meaning that residents really need that green space. Once the redesign process is finished, they will have a new open area to explore.” Says district manager Dietmar Baurecht.

Silvia Angelo also spoke up on the behalf of BB Infrastruktur. She added: “We are more than happy to contribute to the city with such a resourceful plan. This will be a big next step in perfecting the region around Westbahnhof in terms of climate friendliness. Besides that, the public engagement process is a great source of inspiration for further planning at the moment.”

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