Sexclubs and Laufhauses You Should Avoid in Vienna

Vienna offers numerous great sexclubs, laufhauses, studios and escort agencies to the people who choose to visit it for the sex scene. However, with so many great places, there must be a couple of businesses that are not worth visiting. In this article, we are going list some of the worst sexclub Wien and laufhaus Wien that should be avoided at all costs. Continue reading this blog post if you want to learn more!

Sex Job in Vienna

We have previously published an article about the sex studios that you should avoid in Vienna. If you would rather read about some of the worst studios in Wien, be sure to click on the link and read the warnings that we have posted now!

Laufhaus Wien-Mitte (Zollgasse 3)

Laufhaus Wien-Mitte (aka Laufhaus Zollgasse 3) is a fairly new laufhaus in Vienna. The business has been opened a bit more than a year ago in 2018 by the owners of one of the oldest laufhauses in the city, Laufhaus Juchgasse.

Before opening, Laufhaus Wien-Mitte has been heavily advertised in Viennese newspapers and on TV as being a laufhaus that will revolutionize the scene; however, this has not happened. On the contrary, Laufhaus Wien-Mitte is actually now on our list of laufhauses and sexclub Wien you should avoid. Here’s why:

First of all, having the same owner as Laufhaus Juchgasse basically means that you will encounter the same problems at the two places. The prices are the same (some of the highest in Vienna), the website design is also the same and pretty much everything is very similar in the two businesses.

One of the most frustrating things clients encounter in both places is the fact that the business owners relentlessly use fake or overly enhanced pictures on their website. This is done to the point where if a girl uses real photos, she will probably have fewer clients in the long run. This basically makes fake photos a must if the girl wants to work in this laufhaus.

The worst part is when the girls use photos of models that they found on the internet, and they make clients believe a super-hot girl is working, when in reality it is just an average looking girl at best.

laufhaus wien mitte building sexclub wien
Laufhaus Wien-Mitte building

Another thing that clients have had problems with is the girls’ attitude. It is not rare to see a girl uninterested to have a session or simply ignoring the clients altogether. And if a deal is actually struck, the girl will probably give an unenthusiastic performance in the room that leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

Laufhaus Wien-Mitte might be one of the most modern looking laufhauses in Vienna, but there are far too many problems with it for us to recommend going there. What you can expect in this laufhaus are fake photos, high prices and overall poor service from the girls, so you should avoid it if possible.

If you want to see the fake photos that we have written about or you want to get more knowledge about the place, be sure to visit the Laufhaus Wien-Mitte (Zollgasse 3) official website.

Claudia’s Bar

The next sexclub Wien that we would not recommend visiting is Claudia’s Bar in the 10th District. This place has been around for a while, but it was never a business that stood out from the rest. In fact, the only reason why it stood out is the negative things associated with the club.

First of all, the location of Claudia’s Bar is very bad and with this comes a certain type of clientele that you would have to share the establishment with. The other reason why we are not recommending this place is the fact that it is nearly impossible to find a girl that looks good and performs well in the room too.

Most of the girls are either not very good looking or they try to get the most money out of clients for the least effort possible. And let’s not forget that the prices in this place are actually very high, even when compared to some of the best businesses in Vienna.

The last, but not least important reason why Claudia’s Bar is on the list is the fact that the girls are extremely sharky and demanding. If a client goes into the club, most of the girls will flock to him and start asking for drinks (very overpriced drinks). If the client doesn’t want to buy them a drink, he can basically say goodbye to a good and pleasurable experience in the room.

claudia's bar sexclub wien
Claudia’s Bar in Vienna

The rooms in Claudia’s Bar are not the worst looking in the city, and the pictures on the website are usually real and pretty revealing, but there’s really not much else good that can be said about this business. Most clients who have went there left disappointed with little chance of repetition.

Because of this, this sexclub Wien is definitely not recommended and should be avoided at all costs. If you still want to find out more about Claudia’s Bar, go ahead and take a look at the website and learn more.

Eve Bar

The last sexclub Wien we are featuring on the avoidable places in Vienna list is Eve Bar. This place has been notorious in the Vienna sex scene for years because of the scamming tactics that they are using.

The club is operational for many years now and there have been numerous owners throughout the years, but it seems none of them could change the place’s reputation. If you are ever in Vienna, definitely do not go to Eve Bar! Here’s why:

There are so many reasons why we would never recommend Evebar to anybody; it’s hard to figure out where to start. First of all, as said previously this is pretty much a club that’s business model is built on the girls and the staff trying to scam as much money as they can from the clients.

This is done in various ways, such as upselling services and extremely expensive drinks. The worst part is that if the staff sees that a particular client looks wealthy, the prices go even higher. Additionally, they have always been part of a taxi scam in Vienna where they pay a commission fee to the taxi drivers if they bring clients to their club. The price even goes higher if the client is drunk and wealthy looking.

evebar google street view sexclub wien
Evebar in Vienna on Google Street View

Naturally, as with any scamming business, Eve Bar doesn’t want any online exposure so they do not even have a website where clients can get info about the club. Because of this, and the reasons listed above, Eve Bar should never be a place where you go willingly.

But do not be surprised if you order a taxi and the driver starts praising Eve Bar over any other sexclub in Vienna, because they are in on the scam too. Unfortunately, as they do not have a website, we are unable to link it, but you can read an older review that we have posted about Eve Bar here on the SexClubWien blog!


When visiting Vienna, these are the sexclubs and laufhauses that we would not recommend anybody go to. We have listed the reasons why and there are many other points of view that can be read online against these places. I

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