Sex Studios You Should Avoid in Vienna

Vienna’s booming sex scene is filled with all kinds of brothels and sex clubs that horny clients can visit and meet girls in. Although there are numerous recommended brothels, there are also a bunch of sex studios that are in atrocious condition and where girls do not care about the service that they give. In this article, we are going to write about some of the worst studios in Vienna that you should avoid at all costs.

Sex Job in Wien

Each studio that we are going to list is on here for a reason and unfortunately if any of these places closed down, most people wouldn’t even notice nor miss them. If you want to learn more about the sex studios you should avoid in Vienna, do not hesitate to read the entirety of the article now!

Studio Lux

Located at Nordwestbahnstrasse 9, Studio Lux is among the worst studios that you can visit in Vienna. First of all, the studio itself is run-down; often there is no hot water for clients to take a shower, no dry towels, the rooms look ugly and the beds are uncomfortable.

Additionally, the girls who work there are just looking to make the most money for the least effort. This means that the service that you are going to get here is not enjoyable at all. On top of this, the studio is quite overpriced and the girls here ask much more than what you would expect in similar establishments.

As a result of all of these problems, we are not recommending anybody to visit Studio Lux if they are looking for a good time in a safe and comfortable environment.

Studio Senefeldergasse 77

Studio Senefeldergasse 77 is on this list for a good reason and it truly deserves to be among the worst studios in Vienna. This studio has acquired an extremely negative reputation on online Vienna Sex Forums. There are an unnerving number of negative reports about this place and punters are warning others about this studio and the girls that work there.

Studio Senefeldergasse 77 in Vienna on Google Maps
Studio Senefeldergasse 77 on Google Maps

Some people have reported that the girls are smelly and that they do not take proper hygienic measures between clients. The girls are also known to make promises that they later do not deliver upon. They try to make the sessions as short and uncomfortable for the client as they can, which explains why the studio is so hated online. Because of this, you should avoid Studio Senefeldergasse 77 at all costs.

Studio Siebertgasse 6

This is yet another studio that we would never recommend anybody to visit in Vienna. The reasoning behind this is that the studio itself is in pretty bad shape and because of the girls who work there. The girls that work in this studio are known to be bad service providers and some have even said that they had their worst experience with a girl in Studio Siebertgasse 6.

In addition to the bad service, the girls are also known to try and make money off of clients any way they can. This means that they do not respect the agreed upon services, they try to shorten the time and they offer a truly lackluster experience.

Studios at Czerningasse

The last entry on our list is actually three very bad studios next to one another. They are all located at the beginning of the Czerningasse street and none of them are worthy of a visit. In fact, these three studios are probably the worst in all of Vienna. All three studios are in terrible condition and the room can barely be called rooms to say the least. Because of this, these are definitely studios you should avoid whenever you are visiting Wien.

Studios at Czerningasse in Vienna on Google Maps
Studios at Czerningasse on Google Maps

Naturally, because of how bad these studios are, the girls that work there do not offer a great service either. They need to work in extremely bad working conditions, for very little money, which should explain why they are not enthusiastic about their work. Even though the girls who work here are not the ugliest in Vienna per se, but they are definitely not great service providers either.

On online forums, clients have complained about how run-down the place looks and feels, as well as the girls’ unenthusiastic performances. Because of this, as well as our personal experiences, we are not recommending these three studios at Czerningasse to anybody.


These are some of the worst studios you should avoid when mongering in Vienna. There are far better places to visit in the city; places where you can actually enjoy yourself and not fear for your safety. Although the prices might be cheap in the above mentioned studios, the experience that you would get here is not even worth the small sum of money that you have to pay. If you value your money and time, we suggest choosing a more reputable brothel of sex club. If you wish to learn more, go ahead and check out some of the following articles that we have published on the Sex Club Wien blog!

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