Maria from Secret Angels Review

I have visited Maria in Secret Angels Escort Agency quite a few times but now I’m going to talk about my first time because it was a pleasant surprise. I clearly remember every detail even though it was a while ago. She is one of the most positive and upbeat woman among all the sex workers I’ve been with.

Sex Job in Wien

In Vienna, you can quickly find a girl who looks stunning and offers a decent service. You can also find a horny playmate online for some serious fun so have a look there if you want the real thing. Maria is different. She knows how to pamper a man and make him happy. Her clients usually leave with a big smile and shaking knees.

Here is her Secret Angels profile: Maria

Sometimes I only want a quickie with a good looking girl. Physical and raw with barely any talking. It depends on my mood. But when I want that girlfriend experience and genuine companionship, Maria is the first girl that comes to mind.

My First Time with Maria

The first thing I recognized when I met her is that she is even slimmer than on the photos. This was not a problem, in fact it made her look even sexier. She kept the conversation going from the beginning. Rather easy going girl, joking around and no topic is taboo for her.

I wanted to take a shower and she gladly joined without me requesting it. It was good to know that we both are fresh and ready for action.

Maria sat down very close to me and her words kept flowing mixed with kisses that got me very horny. She realized it is time to focus on something else than talking. Her head went down and that’s when the long, tender blowjob started. I could enjoy her technique the whole day.

She started riding, slowly increasing the pace. There were no fake moans, no looking around indifferently. She made it quite an intimate experience despite the fact we were strangers. It is natural for her to kiss and touch her clients.

If you want her to be wild, she is wild. If you want her to be tender, then that is what you get. After some riding I told her to turn around and continue in reverse cowgirl because I want to see her ass. I quickly reached the finish line and left a huge load in her.

Maria quickly cleaned all the mess we made and we had like 20 minutes left. Then she asked whether I want the money back for the remaining time but I rejected it. Instead we just laid down on the bed and talked some more about random stuff.

I enjoyed it, at least I had some time to lay back and just enjoy being with her as a person before I leave.

Maria from Secret Angels

What Makes Maria so Good?

The fact that she wanted to give back my money for the remaining time already says a lot. Sex workers who want to quickly earn a lot of money usually end up ripping off their clients one way or another. Maria is the example that honest work can go a long way.

I am sure she earns a lot of money just because of her positive attitude. This is basically the dream job for her, she loves it. On the other hand, I think there are plenty of sex workers who you can have really good sex with in Vienna. You just need to do the homework and find the right places.

Maria is definitely one of them. However, one can’t just simply rank girls in this big city. Each of them has a unique personality. Anyway, this concludes my report. If you are looking for an unforgettable GFE, consider visiting Maria. She is always in a good mood and all you need to do is be kind to her.

Submitted by: Darshan

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