Sex Studios in Vienna

Sex Studios in ViennaVienna has wide range of sex studios which are usually only about sex and nothing more. You go there, pay, have sex and leave. Just like laufhauses, studios also don’t give incentives – for example food, drinks or special events held – to stay longer after you finished the act. Despite these facts, in some cases you can get real girlfriend experience as most of the girls in good studios are interested in getting regular clients. The prices are affordable and in many cases sex without condom is also included.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

Viennese sex studios can be put in different categories. The most important ones are:

  • really clean studios providing good service and beautiful girls
  • places where you can have sex without condom
  • studios that is not really worth visiting
  • studios with Asian girls, who are present in large number in Vienna’s nightlife

To be frank, the number of sex studios in Austria’s capital has increased too high which is not good in every respect. Of course it sounds nice in a way, when you think about the wide selection of places, but sometimes the clients must face the fact that the existing businesses might weaken one another. Furthermore for the managements of newly opened places sometimes it’s hard to attract clients. For this and further reasons, a few studios might close in the near future.

Studio SexihexiStudio Sexihexi

This is probably the best one in Vienna for many reasons. First, the owners have long history in the sex industry, one of them had been a sexworker herself and now she has been running the studio. Studio Sexihexi has the prettiest girls from several countries such as the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary and Russia.

The studio is not too big and is simple with darker colours, but always very clean having 3 or 4 rooms which provide pleasant scene for worthwhile sex experience. Not all the rooms have shower but there is noproblem with cleanliness. The prices start at 55€ for 20 minutes and the more time you book, the more discount you can get. For example 1 hour costs 120€. For those customers who look for good sex experience and don’t care about the rest, Studio Sexihexi can be a place worth visiting.

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