Recommended: Romantic Bar

In Vienna’s fifth district there is a small sex bar, called Romantic Bar. The place waits for the clients from the afternoon hours usually till 4 in the morning. You won’t find a stage with girls permorming sexy dance only 4-5 tables and approximately the same amount of chairs to sit on in the bar. The interieur is painted black and red and the bright lights are always turned on.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

The staff and the girls are also friendly and know how to behave with customers. There are always several girls working, up to between 15 and 30, who are mainly from Austria, Romania or Hungary, so you have a good chance to find the one who you like the most.

As for the online surface of the sex bar, they have a simple and recently not updated site. Their clientele is mostly common people and not businessmen or gentlemen.

Website capture of Romantic Bar Wien

Romantic Bar’s can be run because of the low prices and the fact that they always have a lot of girls. That’s why the bar has a lot of regular clients by now.

When you enter the place, you’ll find an open bar area, the only chance where you can stay away from other people is in the rooms. Small and medium sized ones are offered to choose from. This sexbar is clean most of the time, although rarely you might face with minor problems.

Drinks and rooms are offered at low prices. Most girls drinks Sekt. The room prices vary between €110 and 190.

Usually the girls are average looking and there is no serious chance to find extraordinary beauties, however once in a blue moon, real stunners also can be turn up there like a former Maxim girl who left for Romantic Bar.

This sexbar offers good times to spend in the night at low prices.

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