Favorite Maxim Girl Daisy is Back

Mongers who frequently visit sex clubs in Vienna already know who we are talking about. Daisy is well-known in the Vienna paysex scene as one of the best Maxim Wien girls. The reason why this is such a big statement is because there are plenty of beautiful and talented girls in Maxim anyway.

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Declaring a girl as one of the best in that brothel is certainly not a small thing. So she worked there for a while, then she decided to leave about half a year ago. Thankfully, now Daisy has returned but now she works on different terms.

She is working as an escort girl now. Those who are interested can meet this beautiful girl at their hotel room after booking her via phone. Continue reading and you will find out where she currently works and how you can meet her!

Daisy, the Slender Beauty straight from Bulgaria

Daisy had many back-to-back clients during her career who absolutely loved her. Why? Because she exceeds their expectations with the quality of service that she provides. She shows them what true pleasure is and one time is definitely not enough.

She quickly gets them on the hook and they can’t resist the temptation to go back for more. Experienced mongers know it very well that Wien girls like Daisy are not that easy to find. Also, we are talking about a Bulgarian beauty here which is also not as common.

You don’t need to go far to read about her. There are plenty of users on the local forums who raise their heads and start posting once they hear something new about Daisy. Spending an hour with her at Maxim was already a unique experience.

Now you have the opportunity to book her for several hours if you want. Previously her service was all about having fun in bed but since she became an escort, you can call her out for an all-inclusive romantic evening. Daisy can even welcome you at the airport if you want.

She perfectly fits into the high class escort category being an intelligent, passionate lady with unique personality and style. In Nightclub Maxim Wien, they don’t leave it unnoticed if one of the Wien girls proves herself as a top performer.

Maxim is well-known about its Miss Maxim contests where the girls need to prove themselves worthy. At one point, Daisy was the girl who won this competition because of her beauty and charm.

maxim wien girl daisy

Daisy, One of the Best Wien Girls Working as an Escort

If you visit the Maxim Wien official website, you can see that Daisy is among the currently available girls at the nightclub. However, she is only available as a callgirl. This means that you can either book her through Maxim’s website or through Escort Agency EGV, which is the escort agency of Maxim.

Keep in mind that Daisy can leave at any time. This only depends on how long she wants to work as an escort, which is impossible to predict. If you want to meet her, then make sure to book her as soon as possible so that you don’t miss out on the opportunity.

Even though she didn’t join the lineup of Maxim Wien girls that serve clients at the brothel yet, she might appear there as well. Based on what we saw from some of the previous girls, we can say there is a high probability that she is going to be available in the sexclub as well.

Usually it doesn’t take long until the escort girls at EGV start offering their services at the club. These are just our predictions so don’t take our word for it.

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