AO Vienna – The Negative Effects of AO Sex on the Market

A more serious topic: AO Vienna. In short, AO (Sex without condom) is a cheap service with the potential to attract many clients who don’t care about sexually transmitted diseases. It increases the risk of getting infected by HIV for both the client and the sex worker.

Sex Work in Vienna

The rule of thumb would be to never allow sex without condom in brothels. However, there is still the attractive idea in the heads of many people that sex feels better without it. They see it as an exclusive service for a low price, while other gentlemen see it as a huge red flag and don’t even bother to visit these places.

People who understand these health risks are not going to visit places that offer AO. They view them as dirty places that provide low-quality service and low hygiene. Now let’s delve deeper into the AO Vienna issue.

The Girls are Aware of the Danger Too

The number of studios that force their girls to offer AO is growing. There are many well-informed foreign girls who take a look at the current situation and decide not to work in Vienna. On the other hand, AO girls that already work in such places absolutely hate it.

AO Vienna, condom and bra on the bed

It shows on the quality of services they provide. They are distant, unenthusiastic, indifferent, and so on. Studios that offer AO are usually joined by illegal sex workers or refugees who are about to become legal sex workers. Since they have no other choice in the business, they are forced to do it.

This way, the number of illegal prostitutes working in the city is constantly on the rise. The amount of money they get for the service is very little while the risk of getting STDs is way too high.

This is how AO Vienna Ruins the Paysex Scene

There is a huge demand for AO Vienna and it requires only a small investment to open a tiny studio in Vienna. The owners usually don’t care much, they just set up the bare minimum when it comes to the interior. These studios don’t look very good, they are not very clean, yet the clients are still interested.

Why? Because we are talking about the worst clients in the market. Brothels that offer AO always attract clients who are looking for cheap sex. It is an easy way for them to get money. You just open a studio, wait for these clients, accept girls who are in a bad situation and grab the money.

These owners and the prostitutes working there are in for the quick money. The more AO Vienna studios there are in Vienna, the more accepted it is going to be there. As a result, girls who are having a hard time getting clients start to offer AO too and it is going to become a never ending story.

Word gets around and suddenly people start to recognize Vienna as a city where AO is the most popular service. This is really bad news for the best brothels in Vienna. The high-end studios where you can actually have good sex without risk are going to lose clients.

Mongers that are looking for high-class brothels are not even going to travel to Vienna if AO is all they hear about.

Politicians Might Start to Raise Eyebrows Too

From a politician’s standpoint, AO sex basically means that HIV and other STDs are rapidly spreading. The higher the numbers, the higher the chance they are going to take action and do something about it.

More and more Austrians are going to become aware of this issue and many of them are going to express their doubts. Politicians will realize that prostitution is becoming more and more dangerous. If the AO Vienna sex market doesn’t stop expanding, the bubble will eventually explode.

The problem is that it’s very unpredictable how politicians would solve this problem. It is more likely that they are going to apply some radical changes to the Vienna paysex scene if they are forced to.

Summary: AO Vienna

AO sex is bad for the business in many ways and there are dozens of decent brothels in Vienna that suffer the consequences. After breaking down the problem, we can conclude the main concerns:

  • AO sex increases the risk of STDs for clients and prostitutes as well
  • As more girls start to offer the service, it is going to be more accepted in Vienna. This raises the bar for all sex workers, forcing even more of them to offer AO and so on.
  • AO Vienna will become the most popular service in the city which damages its reputation
  • It can force politicians to take radical steps in the matter
  • The number of illegal prostitutes in Vienna will increase

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