Top 9 reasons why you should not visit AO girls

Over the years, AO sex has become more and more popular in the Vienna sex scene. Unfortunately, there are numerous reasons why this is not something that we should celebrate.

Sex Work in Vienna

In today’s article, we are going to define what AO sex exactly is, and we will list 9 reasons why you should not visit girls that offer AO as a service. Read on and learn more!

What is AO sex?

AO is short for Alles Ohne, which means everything without. Basically, this means that girls who offer AO sex are willing to have sex with their client without protection. Sex without condom might sound like an awesome thing, but if you think about it, it really isn’t.

Reasons why you should avoid AO sex

There are a plethora of bad things associated with these types of services, and we are going to write about them in this article. In the next segment, we are going to list some of the reasons why we do not recommend visiting girls who are offering sex without protection.

1 – Sex without condom is usually offered in cheap studios

The first reason why you should avoid AO sex is the fact that it is mostly only offered in the cheap and worst studios of Vienna. With this comes the fact that girls in cheaper studios do not care about the client as much as girls from bigger and more reputable clubs. The girls in these studios are not as good looking and they are not very service-oriented. Additionally, some of these studios are not even safe for the clients, as many shady things are happening in those establishments.

2 – AO sex increases the chance of getting an STD

Although legally working girls in Vienna need to regularly go through health check-ups, since girls who offer AO usually work in cheap studios, the health checks are not guaranteed. The owners of these types of studios do not care about the girls who work for them as much as the better places in Vienna.

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Since the girls have multiple AO sessions each day, with multiple clients, the chance of getting sexually transmitted diseases increases by tenfold. This is not only dangerous for the health of the ladies, but for the clients as well.

STD test against AO girls

3 – Many girls do not want to work in Vienna because of AO services

Since AO sex is getting more and more accepted in Vienna, there are many girls who do not want to start working in Wien because they do not want to offer unprotected sexual services.

Since not every girl can land a spot in the best sex clubs Vienna , most of them have to settle for a spot in a cheaper studio. And in these studios most of the girls eventually have to start offering AO sex if they want to keep their position and actually make money.

4 – Working girls in Vienna are in a vicious circle because of AO sex

The fact is that since unprotected sex is becoming more popular, more and more girls have to offer it in order to stay in the sex business. There are a lot of clients who are specifically looking for AO girls and they only want to settle for those who offer sex without protection.

As a result of this, girls who previously didn’t offer the service now have to do it if they do not want the clients to pick other girls instead of them each and every time.

5 – AO sex doesn’t have a good impact on the Vienna sex scene’s reputation

The current situation in the Vienna sex scene is good, and Austria is considered to be among the best places for paid sex in Europe. However, the fact that AO sex is becoming more popular each day is something that can have a negative impact on the sex scene. Additionally, it would be a terrible thing if Vienna became infamous for being the city where sex without a condom is the most popular and sought after sexual service.

6 – AO girls lose most of their dignity

The sad truth is that AO is mostly offered at a very low price, as an extra service. This means that girls who offer this service barely make any additional money by having unprotected sex, but as a result they lose most of the dignity that they have left.

In addition to this, since they are working in shady and cheap studios, they have to give a cut of the earned money to their pimp or the studio’s owner, which decreases their earning potential even further.

AO girls lose much of their dignity

7 – AO can have a negative effect on regular prostitution in Vienna

Since AO sex in considered to be a frowned upon service by many, there is a chance that politicians can get in the line of fire as well. If they are pressured enough to do something against it, there is a chance that the whole prostitution business will be punished.

This could lead to regulations and laws that none of us mongers want to see happen, even those who despise and have nothing do with unprotected sex.

8 – Places that offer AO services could become more popular than places that don’t offer it

As mentioned before, AO sex is mostly offered in cheap and run-down studios, which are definitely not recommended places for everybody. As a result of AO sex getting more popular, there is a chance that these shady establishments become more popular than the currently reputable and popular clubs, saunaclubs and Laufhauses.

9 – Many illegally working girls are offering AO as a service

Unfortunately, refugees who are waiting for their legal papers and illegally working girls are forced to offer AO sex by their pimps.

These AO girls are barely making any money by offering unprotected sex and even the money they make goes to a third party who brought them to Vienna. As a result of this, people who go to illegally working girls for AO are promoting illegal prostitution, which should definitely not be the case.


These are some of the top reasons why you shouldn’t visit AO girls in Vienna. This service has barely any redeeming qualities and it is not a healthy habit either. Naturally, the feel of having unprotected sex is better than having a condom on, but there are many risks and negative effects of AO sex. As a result of this, we would not recommend choosing this service or visiting AO girls when looking to have paid sex in the city of Vienna.

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