Maxim News: Evelyn is back

If you have ever been to Maxim, you must have seen Evelyn, the Bulgarian beauty who has been working there for more than two years now. Well, she is finally back, after a four month hiatus!

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Evelyn is one of those girls that have previously tried other brothels in Vienna, such as Goldentime, but she always seems to return to Maxim. This girl is one of Maxim’s evergreens and she is the heart of the BG group in Maxim, like the glue that keeps it all together.

Evelyn is 29 years old, has black hair, weighs around 50 kg and she is 166 cm tall. Her personality is positive; she is a nice, warmhearted person and she offers very tender, gentle and romantic services in the room. She has a fit body, with a firm sporty ass. Her back is covered by a tattoo, which is also sexy.

a Vienna prostitute, Evelyn in Maxim Wien

Some of the things that she enjoys doing are shopping, various sports as well as running in particular. Whenever she is on the stage, she always moves in an elegant and sexy manner. The great thing about her is that she always seems fresh, mostly because she regularly takes breaks when they are required.

Other BG Girls

There are two other BG girls who are currently in this Viennese sexclub; Amanda and Katrin.

Amanda is a 24 year old experienced Bulgarian brunette with a nice, tattooed body. Her 75c, natural breasts go well with her height (170 cm) and weight (56 kg). In addition, her body is pretty fit, as she enjoys swimming in her spare time. Amanda speaks fluent English, so there should be no communication problems.

Amanda, the Vienna postitute is working in Sexclub Maxim Wien

Katrin on the other hand is a petite 24 year old MILF with long black hair. She is also Bulgarian and she is one of the newest girls to join the Maxim roster. She loves dancing and is a great dancer, so you can often see her on the stage and around the bar. She is a very short girl who speaks English and German pretty well.

Katrin in Sexclub Maxim Wien

Other News

Sissy is returning in the New Year. She has been absent for a while, but from January 2, 2017 she is returning to Maxim. Sissy is a 30 year old SuperMILF who also loves to dance and her body is a remarkable sight to behold. She has 75c breasts and her favorite drink is a gin and tonic. Italian, French and of course English are the languages that she speaks.

Sissy, a prostitute from Vienna is working in Maxim Wien

Additionally, Nancy has also recently started working. Seeing new girls is always a pleasure, especially when they are good looking ones.

Nancy from Sexclub Maxim Wien

If you are thinking about giving Maxim a visit, now is the best time, as you can meet Evelyn and the other girls and spend a crazy night with them!



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