Weekly Sex Club Review Week 5

Hello folks and Sexclubwien readers, we are back! As you might know, January and February are slow months in the mongering scene. This is mainly due to the fact that people are on vacation and so are the ladies, but we still have some interesting news regarding the Viennese sex scene.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

In this news piece, we are going to talk about the current girl lineup in different establishments, exciting news about new girls and studios and we are also going to introduce a brand new series; Sexclubwien SPOTLIGHT.

Sexclubwien SPOTLIGHT

The first thing that we should talk about is the opening part of the brand new article series, where we discuss and review some of the best and worst qualities of a club or brothel. The first target in our crossfire is the most famous FKK sauna club in Wien, Goldentime.

In the article, we talk about the establishment itself, the girls that works there, as well as a few other things that you need to keep in mind whenever you choose to visit this sauna club. We also take a closer look at the backlist of girls that work at GT. If you are not familiar with the place or you simply want to learn more about it, this is the prime time to do so! Check out the first SPOTLIGHT by following the link: Sexclubwien SPOTLIGHT: FKK Goldentime Wien 2017

Current Girl Lineup

Now, we shall look at the current lineup of girls that work in various clubs and compare them. As we have already talked about the Goldentime lineup in the SPOTLIGHT, it will be excluded from the list.

Sexclub Maxim Wien – Maxim is way ahead of the competition with 25 beautiful girls that work regularly. You can easily inspect each of the girls over on the official website.

Funpalast – This FKK sauna club has its ups and downs with girls arriving, but leaving shortly after their arrival. The girls are leaving because there aren’t enough clients for them to make money with. A few girls have told us in desperation that there are instances where only 5-6 customers enter the club throughout the day. Funpalast is best on party days on which the first half an hour with a girl is included in the entry fee.

Fresh Saunaclub – There is nothing new in Fresh sauna club, it has the same old story; same girls, same place. There are far better places that you could be visiting and it is not recommended to spend money here.

Studio Shakti is closed

As the message on the front page indicates, the club in the first district of Vienna is closing its doors yet again. They might make it sound as if they are moving but in fact they are just shutting down in the center. The other branch in Brunn am Gebirge was there before and is more or less running successfully for a couple of years now; however, it has seen better days. Some might even say that the business model could use some professional consultancy.

Now we are going to look at the rocky history of this studio, so buckle down!

About two or three years ago this club was opened for the first time at a very prominent address. The studio was not discrete at all; it was located just a few walking minutes away from the court and the mayor’s office. The club itself is a beauty but it never made money and it closed after close to 12 months for the first time.

“Club Imperial” was their second attempt, which was opened last year in April. This was yet another new concept that turned out to be a huge disaster, as the club closed yet again after only a few weeks.

In a last-ditch effort, they opened their doors once again, in November or December last year, with the name Studio Shakti. This time, they advertised themselves as a massage institute, but as you can see this was not a successful marketing technique either.

This studio truly tried everything, as they even tried to take a piece of the success of the other big clubs in the center, such as Maxim and Babylon. This plan also failed because their concept is an unnecessary addition that was not in demand, especially not in that spot.

If anything new comes up regarding this studio, we will make sure to immediately inform you.

Additional News

In addition to all of this, there are a few other things that we need to touch on too. For example, here is a list of some of the best prostitutes in Vienna with puffy nipples. This might not interest everybody, but for those who like enlarged areolas and puffy nipples, this list is a must!

If you prefer watching videos online, from the comfort of your home, check out the best porn stars with puffy nipples too!

Asian girl lovers can also rejoice, as we have finally got a real Asian beauty in a top-notch club. Lee from Maxim is one of the best looking Asian ladies in the Wien sex scene right now and we haven’t seen such a beauty in years! The best part about the whole thing is that you can rest assured that her services are also of the highest quality, mainly because of the studio that she is working at.


Hopefully, you have found the information that we have supplied helpful. As new news emerge, we will keep you up to date with anything interesting, scandalous or important that is happening in Vienna regarding the sex pay scene. Until next time, keep safe and have fun!

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