Vienna’s Sex Scene During the Holidays

As it is with any business or service, holiday’s means a drastic change in their work schedule. It’s only natural that people take the time to celebrate with their family and loved ones, and to rest and recharge both physically and mentaly.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

The situation is the same with sex clubs in Vienna. It’s an incredibly busy city during business days, but things get quiet during the holidays. Many sex clubs close for different time periods and most of their employees take their time off as well. At least the employees that people care most about will not be around, the girls will be going home to take some time off with their families.

It would be troublesome to play guess in finding out when will clubs work and when won’t they. So some clubs were nice enough to publish their open hours during the holidays. These include brothels called Maxim, Fresh Club, Babylon and GoldenTimes.

Clubs That Shared Their Work Schedule

You won’t be able to use the services offered by the clubs you find on this list. Ofcorse, Vienna is a big city, so you’ll probably find clubs that youcan go to during the holidays.By knowing their scedule, you’ll be able to manage your own schedule as well.

GoldenTime, one of the biggest clubs in Wien will be closed during Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years day. This means the 24th, 25th and 31st of December and the 1st of January, 2017. You can visit these brothles during all the other business days.

Maxim will also be closed during the same period, during holidays. That means the 24th, 25th, 31st of December and the 1st of January, 2017. The will be sending all their girls on a holiday. You can still hang out there between the two holidays if you want to.

Fresh Club, the sexiest sauna in Vienna and its girls will still await its costumers during the holidays. It will be a casual workday for this club so you’ll be able to visit at leas one of the clubs during this period.They sure know how to attract some new visitors.

Babylon is taking a big break during the holiday season. It will be closed, giving a vacation for all of its employees. From the 23th of december, to the 8th of January, 2017 you can’t satisfy your lust at this club.

The Girls Who Published their Wacation Days

Maxim is the only one of the clubs we talked about, that offer accurate information and descriptions of the girls who work there and won’t be working during the holidays. But if you check them out, you’ll know what to expect when they are back in business.


Carla will be off on her vacation during the holidays and you won’t see her until she’s back in January. She will be missed by many, because she is one of the top girls at Maxim. Customers like her very much, because she treats them in just the right way.

Carla from Sexclub Maxim Wien

If you don’t know who Carla is, you’re in for a treat. She is a mature romanian doll who knows how to put on a great show and how to treat her customers. Blonde hair and some piercings make her unique and very attractive. Her height is 165 cm and she weights 50 kg. These measurements make up an incredibly well shaped body that is always sure to catch a few curious eyes. She is also the kind of girl who puts up a good conversation. She speaks a number of languages, which include bit of German and decent French, Greek, Spanish, English. You’ll find this 28 year old feminine wonder at Maxim, when the club is back.


Some might not know much about Valentina since she fresh to Maxim, but many will miss her as she is off to enjoy her holiday as well. This 26 year old cutie has a height of 155cm and has weight around 47 kilograms which add up to her incredibly well shaped body. She has plenty of experience to back up her great looks and to make guys remember her after every session she does. This kinky cutie got an increasing amount of attention as went on with her work and will probably get more once she’s back.

Valentina from Maxim Wien


One of the youngest babes around Maxim is taking some time off as well. Erika is romanian as well and will use the holidays to catch up with her family and friends at home. With her amazing looks and incredibly shaped waist, she is sure to put on an amazing show to all the guys.This sizzling hot 21 year old has been quite naughty since she’s been working at Maxim and she will be waiting for guys right at the start of 2017.

Erika from Maxim Wien


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