Breaking News in Vienna’s Sex Industry

Vienna’s world of pait sex services just took a serious hit. Two significant events took place recently that influence Vienna’s sex industry and we are going to tell you about them.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

The first one is the recent police investigation and the action taken toward illegal prostitution, which ended up suspending a few illegal prostututes, thus making paid sex somewhat more secure.

The second one is that Beverly Hills Girls club has hit bankrupcy because people seem to desire more than what a stript club ccan offer. Which is understandable, because it only offers a good tease and drinks, which rarely satisfies anybody.

So what’s happening in Vienna?

There were days when opening a strip club meant an amazing deal, because who whouldn’t like a place where they can lookat all the hot girls, watch sexy shows and get a lapdance?

Well, today that seems to change as people aren’t really satisfied by these things. Sure, a lap dance is fun and really sexy, but it only takes guys as far as getting them teased out of their minds. After that, they tend to want more and what they want falls outside the scope of what a stript club offers.

Beverly Hills Club is professional place and people went there to get their load of hot booty for more than two decades. Today, less and less people go there. The Club offers amazing strippers on stage, lap dances and some nice drinks. This is where most of the clubs revenue came from.

As it all changes, these things are going more and more out of fashing and people seem to drift away to different locations when they want tosee something sexy for the night. Because Beverly Hills Club doesn’t offer sex or any anything more than the above mentioned services, it has filed bankrupcy.

Interior of Beverly Hills in Vienna

About the Beverly Hills Club

It was a long time favorite for a lot of people. The strippers who worked there were really hot and the place had some pretty good drink options too. You could pay girls to get a personal lap dance and enjoy some sweet curves while having a nice cold drink by your side.

You could also have a personal session, but you could only reserve it through their official website. All you had to do is fill out a simple form and you could enjoy a sweet experience with the stripper of your choice. You also see information about the girls whom you could have a session with. The site even showed all the drinks and their prices as well.

Everything the club offers is very compelling. It is a well decorated place, a nice establishment that is full of hot girls who are waiting to give guys a good time and some good drinks on the side. The place had a constant party vibe, which made it into a great weekend destination.

„So why did such a great and successfull place go bankrupt?” I will tell you all about the fundamental facts that led to this.

The Reason Beverly Hills Declared Bankrupcy

There were many reasons that led this club to bankrupcy. These are the following:

Bad Reviews: Whatever the establishment might be, bad reviews can get to them, especially if it is a place that relies so heavily on its publicity. Beverly Hills Club had many of them popping up all over the internet and it soon led to them getting some bad publicity. Wether the reviews were true or not, is hard to tell, because just about anyone can say what they want online without having to take responsibility. But this sure was a contributing factor.

Contaminated Websites: The accomodation isn’t really the best and for that reason, they have got a lot of complaint that hurt their business in a lot of ways.

Forgotten Debt: Probably the biggest reason for their bankcupcy. It is obvious that because of many forgotten, unpaid debts businesses got broke. Beverly Hills Club didn’t take responsibility for any of the debts that the establishment had. Sadly, this is how debts work and it kept stacking until the point of no return.

The club wasn’t able to pay their debt, so a liquidator came to the scene. The club is still operational though, but it will go through a lot of change.

What better choices are there?

Its best to spend at reputable places which offer some high quality services. Maxim Wien for example is one of those, as it offers much better drinks at lower prices. All the girls are lovely too and they care about what you want and how you want it. You can even have sex with most of them in a private room when you want it! It also offers Escort services and welcome couples too. You should always consider alternatives before making a decision on where you spend your money.

Moving on

As we already told you about it, a lot of illegal prostitutes were caught in Vienna. Since people don’t like lap dances that much and there are a lot of other things to try out, they went with those. Vienna is a city full of many opportunities and establishments that offer a lot more, such as escorts and other opportunities to enjoy some decent sex services.

For this very reason, its obvious that some people skip lap dances and go straight to having sex and they choose to do so with illegal prostitutes and escort girls. Thanks to the large demand, there are more and more out there and the police took action with an undercover investigation that ended up having a some illegal prostitutes suspended.

A police car in Vienna, Austria

The Undercover Police Operation Fighting Prostitution

A lot of illegal prostitution took place in a building in Vienna’s 3rd district. The police took note of it and started an undercover operation which came to execution for the first time. The police officer who worked on the case, called a number of illegal escorts to an apartment. When they arrived, each of them was inspected and also had their papers inspected.

As it turns out, 7 out of 8 girls didn’t have the proper documentation. They have filled charges against these individuals, including a Brazilian male who was in Austria without having a VISA. The operation was called a succes and after this, the plice will continue their investigation and execute further operations as Wolfgang Langer, the head at the department against illegal prostitution stated.

Why Illegal Prostitution is a Problem and why the Police took action

A lot of people have reported being infected by various STD’s after they had an encoutner with an illegal prostitutes. Registered sex workers have to go through health inspections regularly to be able to work and illegal prostitutes completely skip this step, which comes with a lot of risks. Taking such a step to shut them down was something that had to be done for a long time and the plice will keep looking for girls who offer illegal sex services all in Wein.

The police took a step in a positive direction as there are many girls and a lot of operators who don’t care about the rules and thus put their costumers in danger. Having sex with a girl who doesn’t go under the proper inspections and don’t have the right permints can be devastating to anyone.

The police is also investigating a woman who offers services illegally. She goes by the name Andrea or Alexa and she invited her costumers to an apartment building. She might be associated with an illegal prostitution circle which the police has already looked into. But there is no solid proof so it remains to be specualtion.

The police is working to keep sex services safe and to continue the operation until justice is served for everyone.


Today we shared some good news and bad news which shape the way things work in the world of sex services. In conclusion, all of these news encourage you to think twice which sex service you use and where you spend your money. Its important to take all attributes into consideration and to avoid illegal prostitutes at all times.

Lets hope that Beverly Hills Club works through its issues and makes it to a good financial stance and that the police can keep up the good work. We hope you have liked this article and that we motivated you to make some positive change! Hope to see you again!


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