Weekly Sex Club Review Week 41

The dry summer season has come to an end, so it’s time to take a look at the most recent Vienna sex club news. As always, we will be looking at some of the best brothels, clubs and FKKs in Vienna. We will also talk about newcomers and girls that are worth mentioning in different establishments.

Sex Work in Vienna

Seems like a lot of girls are pouring back into the city, in order to make up for their expenses over the summer. This is good for the clubs and the mongerers, as there are a lot of ladies to choose from. However, this is only true for the 4-5 recommended places that we will be talking about today. The ads and news that we see on sex catalogues (such as Kontaktbazar and Sexmagazin) are still dramatically weak.

Sexclub Maxim Wien


Numerous new girls have been added to the Maxim roster and there’s a lot to talk about. But before we start looking at the ladies, we should discuss what has happened in Maxim in the last few weeks.

First and foremost, we recently learned from other review websites that the price for half an hour with a Maxim girl has been increased to €150. Since a full hour session is still €200, this is nothing to be concerned about.

This is a very bold move from Maxim and they are showing their strength with it. In a time when all other brothels are lowering their prices to keep up, Maxim proves its position with this price increase. Since the club is in the city center and they have a great lineup of girls, this price increase was bound to happen. It was also announced that Maxim is starting to renovate the rooms in the club, which was long overdue.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Maxim girls that have popped up on our radar. We will be talking about Emma, Aisha, Sandra, Raisa, Daniela, Carla, Georgiana and Alina. Some of the girls are newcomers, while others have finally returned from a long vacation. All in all, the overall beauty level of the Maxim girls is super high right now.



Emma used to work in a few Laufhauses in Vienna, but she has settled in Maxim over the course of the summer. Before becoming Emma in Maxim, she was known as Daria, but we do not know the exact reason for her name change. She might have changed her name to Emma because there’s another Daria in Maxim working behind the bar, or who knows. Hopefully, only her name has changed and not her attitude and service level. Emma received many good reviews while she was working in Laufhauses.

Emma from Maxim Wien

Emma is a fine looking young lady with good manners. She is very petite, but her body is perfect. Emma used to be a brunette, but at the moment she is a blonde. If it weren’t for all those tattoos, she would be a dream come true.


Aisha appears to be the youngest girl in Maxim at the moment. She has a fresh personality, as one would expect from a teenager, but she is eager to improve. She has what it takes to become a lady soon, so we will keep you posted about this young newcomer.

Aisha Maxim Wien

As you can see from the picture, Aisha has a young and natural body. Just like Emma, Aisha also has a tattoo, but nothing extensive. She is a great pick if you like young girls. However, communication might be a bit tricky, as she doesn’t speak English that well, yet.


We do not know Sandra personally yet, but as our sources indicate, she has toured Laufhauses in Vienna before landing in Maxim. She received a lot of positive feedback from her clients, so we will surely keep an eye on her in the upcoming weeks and months.

Sandra Maxim Wien

Sandra closely resembles Ariana, another Maxim girl who is currently on vacation. Both of these ladies have black hair and huge natural breasts. Sandra might look like Ariana, but there are still enough differences to keep it interesting. As we see it, Sandra is a worthy replacement while Ariana is on vacation.


If you’re a long time Maxim client, you might recognize Raisa. She used to work in Maxim as far back as 2012. Well, she is finally back in her rightful place and she is ready to work! We found an older Sex-Vienna review about her, which was written by Marcus himself, the owner of the blog. Read this article if you wish to get to know Raisa better.

Raisa Maxim Wien

Raisa worked in Switzerland lately, so her service level must have increased. We will keep you posted as we learn anything new about Raisa.


Daniela is another girl who you might have seen in Maxim before. She worked in various Laufhauses in the past year, but she is back in Maxim after a year-long break. This makes her the third girl who switched from a Laufhaus to Maxim this week!

Daniela Maxim Wien

Daniela’s pictures on the Maxim site show her fit body in all of its glory. She has silicone breasts and a very fine ass to go with the package. Currently, she has black hair, but we have also seen her as a brunette too.


Carla has been working in Maxim for over five years and she has always been a crucial part of the Maxim lineup. She recently returned and after her first week, she already won the Miss Maxim 2017 contest that was held in the sex club a few weeks ago. This event was so crowded that many people were left waiting in front of the Maxim door. Take a look at the pictures that were taken on the event by clicking here: https://maxim-wien.com/miss-maxim-2017-gallery/

Carla Maxim Wien

Winning the Miss Maxim title speaks for the looks of this girl, so be sure to keep an eye out for her whenever you visit the club.


According to the Maxim website, Georgina seems to be back in Maxim after her vacation. She received many good reviews from her clients due to her services and great body.

Georgina Maxim Wien

With Georgina back in Maxim, this completes a group of girls with very nice natural breasts. It probably doesn’t get any better than this anywhere in Vienna at the moment (as far as natural breasts go). If you like huge and natural tits, you might be interested in the following Maxim girls too:

  • Ariana (currently on vacation, but she’s set to be back soon)
  • Sandra
  • Raisa
  • Anna
  • Virginia
  • Erika


Alina also seems to be finally back in Maxim after her hiatus. A lot of mongerers went to Maxim specifically to meet Alina before her vacation. Now that she’s back, I am sure that some of her clients will be happy to see her in Maxim again.

Alina Maxim Wien

We have already talked about Alina and her cute petite body in one of our previous Weekly Sex Club Review installments. Click here to read that article and learn more about this black haired girl.

Goldentime Vienna

Goldentime Wien Saunaclub

Goldentime Vienna is also very strong right now. As of the start of October, they have a much more powerful lineup of girls than in the weak summer of 2017. They have many new girls and we’re hoping that at least some of them stay for a longer time.

Since Goldentime Vienna doesn’t keep a catalogue on their website, it is much hard

er to review their girls. But, most of you who visit Goldentime know Linda, the Bulgarian girl. She is known to be one of the best (if not the best) service provides in the saunaclub. Well, there have been rumors about her withdrawing to private life. However, she was back in Goldentime for a few days last week. This only shows that sometimes rumors are just rumors. We will keep you updated as we find out more.

There was an Oktoberfest event in Goldentime Vienna on the 5th of October. Clients were served Bavarian dishes and beer, of course. The girls wore Dirndl dresses (traditional Bavarian dress) and they were serving beer for the ice bears. All in all, this event was not bad, considering it was a Thursday.

Many of the girls we had become accustomed to in Goldentime Vienna have already left. Girls like Roberta, Kaya, Joya and many others are nowhere to be seen in the saunaclub.


Funpalast Saunaclub

Funpalast also has a decent amount of girls, but places like Maxim and Goldentime are way better visually. With the exception of a few gorgeous girls, most of them are below average. Funpalast is often referred to as a budget club and it’s exactly what it is. A saunaclub that can be checked out if you have a very small budget for mongering.

Funpalast is more and more spiraling towards a club for hordes of drunk boys who have a budget of exactly €70. Every additional towel costs €2,5 and it’s not a surprise to see people use the same towel for their entire stay. This is one of the reasons why people refer to Funpalast as disgusting and gross. The atmosphere created (especially on weekend days) is mediocre at best.

We feel like it’s going downhill for Funpalast, but the number of clients has improved since the price change. As far as we can tell, business isn’t going bad for them, but you need to remember that when prices go down, usually the quality of the service does too. We can already see the quality drop, but we will keep checking and reporting, as we always do.


Many Funpalast ice bear regulars will go on and on about the beauty of Madalina, who clearly sticks out as the best looking girl in the saunaclub. She is 19 years old, very outspoken and witty. She’s also self-confident. Too many tattoos and piercings for my taste, but apart from that a real beauty amongst the Funpalast girls.

However, when it comes to service, she is not one of the best girls whatsoever. She is scoring points with her looks, but she doesn’t hesitate walking away if you keep discussing service in the room too much. She has a clear motto; take it or leave it. This is frowned upon in many clubs, but somehow she’s pulling it off without hesitation. Be aware, she also charges €50 extra for a blowjob without a condom!

Peepshow Burggasse

Peepshow Burggasse was once the best in recruiting new talent, but they are experiencing quite a drought right now. All of the girls that we remember them for are no longer working in the club. At the moment, the girl lineup at Peepshow Burggasse doesn’t look good at all. Their pricing is still appealing and with the girls dancing on stage, you can clearly see what you will get.

Alexa is going on a vacation, but we hope that she will be back soon. Not only is she the best provider in Peepshow Burggasse, but she is also very good looking. Alexa has not announced when she will be returning to Vienna, yet.

Alexa from Peepshow Burggasse

On a more positive note, they are renovating the place and adding new rooms as I’m writing this review. This is encouraging and we will probably hear about Peepshow Burggasse in the nearby future. We will keep our readers in the loop as anything new happens.


We have no direct information about Babylon, but our sources say that their lineup is somewhat of a MILF lineup. There’s nothing wrong with that and many go to Babylon because of this. However, if you’re expecting 18-20 year old girls, you are better off in Goldentime or Maxim.

Additional Vienna sex club news

Since our news piece about the sex doll in Laufhaus Kontakthof (click here to read the article), a couple of things have happened. Laufhaus Vienna has also jumped on the sex doll train and they have officially bought their first dolls. They call this new project the “doll house” (puppenhaus). Currently, there are two dolls available; Kiki and Stella.

There have also been a lot of discussion going on in the forums about the sex dolls in Vienna. Our opinion on the subject still stays the same; it’s much ado about nothing. Sex dolls will not take over, nor replace our beloved sexworking girls.

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