Weekly Sex Club Review Week 36

There have been a few major happenings in the Vienna sex scene since our last Weekly Sex Club Review and we are here to talk about them. As always, we will be taking a closer look at girls in brothels that are worth mentioning. We will also talk about events and a few additional news that have happened recently.

Sex Job in Vienna

If you want to read further into any of the stories, girls or clubs that we’re mentioning, be sure to follow the links that we provided. Without further ado, let’s look at the most recent changes in Vienna!

Sexclub Maxim Wien


The Maxim girl lineup is looking pretty promising. On my last visit, I saw many new faces. Most of these ladies do not have a Maxim profile, for unknown reasons.

Hot summers in Vienna are not great for the prostitution business and this year was one of the worst. Many sexworkers in Vienna have stopped working over the summer season and a few new girls appeared. As you can read below, all big clubs have been affected by this. For some, it was the final nail in the coffin.

The girls that we are featuring today from Sexclub Maxim Wien are Amanda and Daisy.



The good news is that this tattooed and sexy dark haired girl is finally coming back to Maxim. Amanda was absent from the club for a while and she was missed.

sexy Amanda from Sexclub Maxim Wien

Amanda’s inked body is a treat in itself, but additionally, she has a fun personality too. She is also a great team-up with the next Maxim girl that we are featuring; Daisy.



Daisy is a fairly new girl in Maxim. She started working about a month ago and she seems like a good addition to the roster. She speaks English, German, Italian, Bulgarian and Serbian. This girl has it all; the looks, the demeanor, the attitude and the performance. So far, she also has no taboos that we know of.

Daisy from Sexclub Maxim Wien

Daisy is among the top 3 most recommended sexworking girls in Vienna from the first day she started working in Wien. She worked in Goldentime Vienna first, but left due to a “dispute among colleagues”. Next, she worked in Funpalast for about a year, where she was by far the best and most popular girl. Daisy probably left Funpalast because it turned into a budget Saunaclub. Ending up in Maxim seems to be the perfect fit for her. She’s a former model who likes to be elegant, which is easier in a dress than in an FKK club.

Miss Maxim 2017 Contest + RAP Battle

Miss Maxim 2017 Contest & Rap Battle in Maxim Wien

Maxim is hosting the Miss Maxim 2017 Contest on September 29. They are also doing a RAP Battle contest in the brothel too, on the same night. According to the website, this is the first time something like this has ever happened in the brothel. The site also shows a countdown till the event starts. If you want to learn more about this happening, check out the official Maxim promotion for it.

Laufhaus Rachel

The main page of Laufhaus Rachel might show 15 girls, however, not all of them are working there anymore. They made it a habit to keep the pictures up, even though the girls moved to other Laufhauses a while ago.

Recently, they opened a discrete parking lot for those who do not want to be seen in front of the establishment. Additionally, the Rachel Lounge-Bar is also operational and they are looking for a barmaid in their new location.

Currently, there are no girls that are worth mentioning from Laufhaus Rachel. We will keep you posted if anything noteworthy happens.

Laufhaus Vienna

There’s nothing notable happening in Laufhaus Vienna either, except a few girls who have been added to the roster. As always, the girls are shown in all of their beauty in the photo shoots that are on the website. The ladies that we are mentioning today are Anka and Dana.

Laufhaus Vienna is almost full with all of their rooms booked. This is impressive, so good job to them for that.


Anka looks great, there’s no doubt about that. Her dark black hair only adds to her overall appeal. She has a firm ass, perky breasts, fit body and a gorgeous face to top it off.

black haired Anka from Laufhaus Vienna

Before Laufhaus Vienna, Anka worked in Goldentime Vienna where she was a very popular girl. Recently, she received a few negative reviews on the local forums. Although, his might just be a temporary setback, as she’s usually recommended.


Dana might just be the most petite girl you’ll ever find. According to her profile, she is 155 cm tall and weighs 45 kg. This might be exaggeration, but she is truly small.

petite Dana from Laufhaus Vienna

If you want to read what it’s like to have a session with Dana, check out this article that we found about her.

Peepshow Burggasse 112

Peepshow Burggasse was supposed to be closed for a day and a half because of renovation. This has turned into a week or more now, as the management is waiting for an approval from the authorities. There are many angry customers on the Peepshow Burggasse website, because of the delay. Apparently, they also failed to announce the extended renovation on their website. As a result of this, many people took the trip to the establishment, only to find it still being closed.

Usually, Peepshow Burggasse is a very customer service oriented place. We can imagine them being rattled due to the authorities giving them a hard time plus angry customers.

But no worries, soon they will open again. The next date that they’re telling us is September 15. There will be new rooms and new girls available. They have many good girls present and are looking pretty good.


Alexa has been praised all over the internet for her friendly nature and exquisite services. She has quite a few positive comments on her Peepshow Burggasse profile. She also looks great; her figure is slim, but she has medium sized breasts and a nice ass.

Alexa laying on a bed in Peepshow Burggasse

Alexa has also worked in a few popular clubs before Peepshow Burggasse. We know her from Goldentime Vienna, Maxim and as an escort. She has been on our radar for than a year now. Alexa only received positive feedback from her clients and she’s especially skilled in deep throating.

With girls like Alexa, Peepshow is becoming a very promising establishment.

Additional News

The summer season has taken a toll on many different establishments. Okaybar, Evebar, as well as a few other clubs have closed over the last couple of months. This summer was hard for smaller clubs who weren’t able to keep up. FKKs and Saunaclubs also play a huge role in this happening. If you want to read more into the current situation or learn about which clubs have closed, be sure to read our “Okaybar is closed, other brothels follow” article.

Laufhaus Kontakthof in Vienna started offering a lifelike doll for their customers. The story about Fanny, the sex doll blew up on the internet and media outlets gave this story a lot of attention. Many articles depict the story as if the sex doll can be anywhere close to being as good as a real girl. We do not think this is the case. Follow the link if you want to read our take on the Sex Dolls in Vienna story.

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