Sexclubwien SPOTLIGHT: Shady Asian Studios Wien 2017

Welcome to yet another edition of our Sexclubwien SPOTLIGHT series! This time, we are taking a closer look at the Asian sexworking scene in Vienna and in the process we will show you some of the shadiest Asian studios that are operational in Wien right now.

Sex Club Maxim Wien

As you might know, there are only a handful of Asian girls that work out of their free will and are not forced into prostitution. Avoiding these shady brothels is of key importance and this article will tell you exactly which ones and why.

Asian studios are popular in Wien because of the very low rates and the fact that it is quite simple to find AO services. Many people choose these brothels because of the fact that the girls are trying their best to please the customers. This Geisha-like service often seems inviting to many; however, choosing shady studios is never a good idea.

Lee in Sexclub Maxim Vienna

Thankfully, there are still a couple of real Asian ladies that you can visit. The best example that we can come up with is Lee from Sexclub Maxim Wien. Lee is one of the only real Asian ladies that work in Wien, under normal circumstances and without being victim of human trafficking and shady practices.

About Shady Asian Studios in General

The advertisement in Viennese Asian studios is often misleading and the girls that work in these brothels are forced to do things that they don’t want to. Most shady Asian studios often advertise their girls as something that they are not. For example, there are many instances where the girls are advertised as Japanese or Korean, when in reality it is very likely that they are Chinese. In these studios, another recurring theme is that the girls have no taboos and that they offer AO services. Most of the time, this is a huge red flag and many times it is not even true.

Additionally, many studios choose to advertise the girls as students and teeny types. They also like to say that the girls are horny and waiting for the clients to give it to them good. This is also not true, especially since the girls are not doing this out of their own free will. They often display the girls in a very demeaning and degrading manner, as if they were the guys’ pets. The very low price that these studios are asking for all possible services is also suspicious. Seeing this, one might think that somewhere along the line, force or even human trafficking might take place.

Shady Asian Studios in Wien

Next, we will mention a few Asian studios that seem fishy. Most of these brothels advertise their girls with fake photos. No taboo service for a very cheap price is also something that is used frequently. Remember, if something seems too good to be true, it mostly isn‘t.

Studio 126 and Studio 108

Studio 126 is located at Engerthstrasse 126, while Studio 108 is at Engerthstrasse 108. These are brother studios that mostly have the same girls in their repertoire. The names that they gave the poor girls show how little respect they have for them. Some of the names that you will encounter are Lili, Lala, Xixi, Mimi and worst of all, Fiffi, which is outright degrading as it is considered a dog’s name. Using short (4-5 letters) names is somewhat of a strategy that Asian studios use. This studio is also one of the worst ones in Vienna in terms of publishing demeaning ads.

The studios themselves are in pretty good shape; nothing luxurious, but they aren’t a run-down place either. The pictures that you see on the website are also real, but the aggressive way of advertising AO and various other services is very suspicious.

Studio 37

Studio 37 at Triester Strasse 37 is a great example of a studio using false advertisement with fake photos of the girls. It is also a studio that uses stereotypical names for the girls, such as Yuoyuo and Xi Xi. The very low prices for seemingly any taboo services and the fact that they continuously keep mentioning that the girls are working out of their free will is a very bad sign.

Lotus Asia Studio

Located in Albertgasse 50, the Lotus Asia Studio is yet another one of those brothels that use fake photos for their girls. This is a recurring theme in the next few studios that we are going to mention and these should be avoided at all costs.

Logo of Lotus Studio in Vienna

Studio Haus 888 at Wolfsschanzengasse 16

Studio Brunnengasse 2b

There are many other studios that use the same tactics. The cheap prices and overly unrealistic photos are a dead giveaway of a fake and shady Asian studio in Wien.


Choosing a shady Asian studio is never a good idea. Of course, if you can close your eyes, focus on the cheap sex and disregard the suspicious patterns, then go ahead. There is nothing illegal with these studios as they all have licenses issued by the police. From the outside, everything seems to look good, but cheap prices and no taboo services is always a dangerous combo.

The current state of the Viennese Asian studios is very bad, especially when you compare it to a few years ago. If you are interested in learning more about what the Asian sex scene in Wien was like, be sure to check out this article from 2012. Unfortunately, none of the mentioned girls work in Vienna any longer.

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