Woman forced into prostitution by her ex-boyfriend’s family

According to our sources, a woman in Vienna was recently rescued from her ex-boyfriend and his family who were forcing her into prostitution for months. The police found the 40-year-old captive while conducting one of many recent raids on illegal apartments in Wien. Lately there has been a huge spike in women who operate from illegal apartments that they rent through Airbnb or similar services. Illegal prostitution is on the rise because of the current lockdown that’s in effect in Vienna. For further details, continue reading the post now.

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The 40-year-old woman was beat and threatened with a stun gun

As stated by the police, the woman was forced into working several hours every day for months against her will. Her ex-boyfriend’s family threatened her with a stun gun and even beat her into submission. Naturally, the 40-year-old didn’t keep any of the earned money since it was taken by the perpetrators. The police have also said that this was an isolated incident and that it is not part of a forced prostitution gang. According to our sources, the police have already arrested multiple members of the family and took the woman under their protection.

To read the German article that we based this news on, go ahead and take a look at the text over on the derStandard.at website now!

Illegal prostitution on the rise because of the COVID-19 lockdown

The woman was found by the police as a result of a regular check on a suspicious apartment. Many illegally operated apartments are being raided by the police. This is required because illegal prostitution has increased by tenfold since the current lockdown in Vienna started. Currently, all sexclubs and similar businesses are closed in order to fight the rapid infection rate of the Corona Virus. Since the women can’t work legally, they rent apartments through Airbnb and similar services. They use the rented apartments as their base of operation for a few weeks before moving to a different location. In order to battle this, the Viennese police department has been conducting raids on many different apartments that could potentially be used for illegal prostitution. As a result of this, the police has filed more than 400 reports under the Prostitution Act this year alone.


It comes as no surprise that there are more illegally operated apartments now that sexworkers are not allowed to operate in Viennese brothels. However, working illegally is not a good option, especially if they are caught during a police raid. Women who are arrested and charged with illegal prostitution face huge fines which spiral them even further into debt and poverty. Thankfully, these regular police raids also mean that women who are forced into prostitution can be found and rescued. The 40-year-old woman who was rescued by her captors is the perfect example for this.

Hopefully we can put the lockdown behind us and the legal prostitution scene in Vienna can return to its former glory. We can only wait and see; until then, be sure to check out some of these related articles from the Sex Club Wien blog now!

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