How to find a Vienna sex club?

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Once you have decided to spend your time entertaining with girls in Vienna, you can find full reviews online in advance even if you visit the city first time and don’t previous experience about the sex club sin Wien. This time I would like to give you some tips about sites that worth visiting before you choose the place that fits your needs the best.

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Sex in Vienna Blog is a great blog where you find detailed assessments of the Viennese clubs and girls offering sex. The services are arranged by categories, so you can browse among massage studios, nightclubs, laufhauses (which is a kind of sex hotel where the girl who waits for you had paid the room, so you don’t have to do anything just pay the girl for her service), sauna clubs, escort services etc. In the „Girls” menu, you see detailed reviews on quite many girls including pros and cons.

International Sex Guide Forum provides information about the available sex services all around the world classified by countries and cities. On the Viennese subpage, you’ll see opinions and cooments on the girls in the Austrian capital.

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If you join the forum you can chat with other people who have already had previous experience in sexclubs in Vienna so you will be informed by the most competent ones who can help you. The most positive point of these forums that you will get honest descriptions since the guys there share their negative experiences too.

There are sites such as Erotikforum or Huren Test Forum that are written in German, but if you have a good command in this language, you also can get further information about places and girls that will entertain you when you are in Vienna.

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If you visit these sites before going to sex clubs you will have the best chance to find the place that you won’t be disappointed with.

Update: A brand new Wikipedia has been just launched about Austria and Vienna Sex Scene. You can read about Vienna Sex Clubs and other interesting facts here:

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