Low Budget: Kontaktcafé Review

Kontaktcafé is a sex club in Vienna located in a not too nice part of the city in a bad neighbourhood. The club is open from 8 pm to 5 am and offers erotic and sex services at low prices. Both the drinks and rooms are affordable, however high quality is not a characteristic feature of the place

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The Central or Eastern European girls are not too educated and they are for mainly those clients who want some fun at low price. Among them, you can find some nice girls but there are also ugly and fat ones as well. You may have some problems with communication and the girls are often intrusive as they don’t always know how to keep distance if they are asked.

The clients who visit Kontaktcafé are mainly Balkanese, so if you are a gentleman and want high standard services, you should search for another place because you probably won’t feel comfortable here in this atmosphere.

Drinks are cheap. You can buy them for a few Euros, though if you drink together with girls, then prices may get higher because you also have to pay for their company. There are types of drinks which also can be a bit more expensive but the average prices are really good.

As for the show, it includes pole dancing that is done well by some of the girls but to be frank there is nothing exclusive in Kontaktcafé. You have the opportunity to spend your time in the private rooms with the girls, but these rooms are not really cosy, rather small and dark, and some of them don’t even have a shower.

All in all, general opinions about Kontakcafe are not outstanding. It can be acceptable destination for those who are willing to turn blind eyes to the poorer quality conditions and prefer low budgets while entertaining in a nightclub.

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