Sexclubs in Germany have to be closed due to the Coronavirus

Recently we’ve received news of a set of new laws that have been introduced in Germany as a result of the surge in the number of COVID-19 infections. These new laws once again prohibit sexclubs and other types of establishments from operating for the time being. Some changes have also been introduced in Vienna because of the same reason. For further details about the German and Austrian Coronavirus laws, continue reading the post!

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New laws about prostitution in Germany

The new laws that have been introduced specifically target sexclubs and other similar prostitution businesses, but since the wording of the laws is not specific enough, we do not know if all types of prostitution are currently banned in Germany. According to the official statement, sexclubs, swinger clubs, and all other similar establishments must seize offering sexual services at least until November 30, During this time You can also easily get laid tonight if you want as there are so many desperate women that just want banging on the adult dating sites.. However, the statement doesn’t specify escorts or other forms of prostitution, which could be a loophole used by some. Additionally, the statement doesn’t specify November 30 as the definitive end of the ban either, so this could potentially mean even longer restrictions to the prostitution scene in Germany.

The new laws have been worded differently in the various federal states of Germany, meaning that some specify the banned types of prostitution better than others. For example, in Saxony-Anhalt, there is no direct block on offering prostitution services per se. Instead, prostitution facilities, prostitution vehicles and prostitution events are banned. This means that escort girls could still potentially offer their services in some states.

To read more about these new laws, go ahead and read the German publication on that we used as the source of this text.

Meanwhile in Austria

The Austrian government also had to do something as a result of the rise in Coronavirus cases recently. In order to lower the infection rate in the country, a previously lifted curfew has been reinstated starting from November 3. People are not allowed to be outside between 8PM and 6AM, hotels are only allowed to accept those who are on a business trip in Vienna and private parties are banned.

Because of the curfew that’s been reinstated, most sexclubs and other adult establishments are not able to fully operate in the month of November. According to official statements, the curfew will end at the start of December; however, this can of course change depending on how many new Coronavirus cases keep popping up in Austria. With the recent surge of cases all over the World, which is by some called the second wave of the Coronavirus, we are once again uncertain as to how and when this can be resolved so that sexclubs can once again operate on full capacity.

Conclusion on new Coronavirus laws in Germany and Austria

We’re again seeing a surge of COVID-19 infections everywhere, so the reinstated measures in Germany and Austria are a logical choice. Unfortunately, this means that the prostitution scene is once again halted by the virus in German speaking countries. As you read from this post, there is no definitive ban on prostitution per se, but these new laws definitely make it harder to fully enjoy what’s usually offered in terms of erotic entertainment. We will have to wait it out and see how things unfold in the month of November. Hopefully the situation will get better and we can enjoy the prostitution scene to its fullest in the next month and upcoming year.

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