Multiple Sexclubs Closed in Hanover, Germany

A number of sexclubs have been closed over the weekend in Hanover, Germany because they did not comply with the current Corona Virus hygiene laws that are active in Germany. According to a police announcement, 15 sexclubs have been checked over the weekend, and many of them had to be closed as a result. For further details about this news, as well as to read about the current situation in Vienna, Austria, continue reading now!

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Current Corona Virus hygiene laws in Germany

Since the 8th of August, sexclubs in Germany have been allowed to operate again, but under certain rules. For example, offering sexual services in a club is permitted, but the woman cannot offer everything that was previously on the menu. Services that include the mouth or the face area are prohibited. Additionally, there should be hand sanitizers in the location, the visitors should wear masks and their verified contact details are required to be kept by the operator for up to 4 weeks. Once the 4 weeks have ended, the documents need to be destroyed.

Why were the establishments in Hanover closed?

Nine of the sexclubs that were checked by the police over the weekend have been closed due to the fact that the hygiene regulations weren’t properly followed. However, according to eye witnesses, two of the bars that were supposed to be closed simply reopened for business a few hours after the police visit.

A bar in the city was also closed because they were open after the curfew and a hair salon because the workers didn’t wear masks and they didn’t collect the customer information which is mandatory.

The current state of the prostitution scene in Vienna

Naturally, there are certain rules in Vienna as well that need to be followed, but they are not as harsh as the ones in Germany and Switzerland for example. Vienna sex clubs and other types of establishments of the city are also required to collect customer data, but nobody is allowed to check the validity of the information that was given. This means that the operator of the business has no right to ask for the customer’s ID card and check if the name that was given is correct. The data still needs to be kept for up to a month and destroyed afterwards.

There is no curfew when sexclubs need to close, but the serving of alcoholic drinks is prohibited after 1 AM. Clients and the staff should cover their nose and mouth with a mask, but it is not checked as harshly as in Germany for example.

Conclusion on sexclubs closing in Hanover, Germany

As you can see, the new laws that have been introduced because of the Corona Virus are making it harder and harder for people in German speaking countries to visit their favorite adult establishments. However, in Vienna it is still something that can be enjoyed with a few minor inconveniences. Although there are certain rules to follow in Austria too, they are much more comfortable when compared to Germany. Hopefully, the situation won’t get worse and we hope that the pandemic is coming to an end soon, so that we can enjoy the prostitution scene without even these minor inconveniences.

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