Sibylle Rauch is back in the sex industry

There are rumors that Sibylle Rauch is thinking about becoming a freelance sex-worker. It is important to mention that Sibylle Rauch was a well-rated porn actress back in the ’80s and ’90s. She was cast in numerous porn videos and in that period she was considered one of the best porn actresses. In 2019, Sibylle participated in Dschungelcamp, which is a German version of “I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!”Apparently, the former porn actress has a lot of reasons returning to the sex industry. Read our full article to discover what made Sibylle Rauch reconsider her career in the adult industry.

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Which are the main reasons why Sibylle Rauch wants to work as a prostitute?

In an interview she gave prior to her participation in Dschungelcamp, the notorious porn actress declared she wants to leave her past behind. Sibylle even mentioned she intends to start a career as a normal actress. Despite her declarations, money has made her think seriously about starting a new career as a freelance sex-worker. Apparently, the former porn actress faces financial problems. The person who was financing her with up to 1500 euros every month ended the relationship. In addition, she has also lost connection with her previous manager. At this moment, Sibylle Rauch believes becoming a freelance sex-worker would help her get back on her feet.

Is Sibylle Rauch going to be available soon?

The notorious Sibylle Rauch intends to start advertising her sexual services on 1st of April, on A lot of persons thought the former porn star is joking, but Sibylle is absolutely determined. Allegedly, a session with the former porn actress would start from 100 euros. For sure there will be a lot of fans who want to have sex with one of the most popular women from the adult industry. Sibylle stated that sex is not compulsory in these sessions, but it is possible and easily facilitated.

Sibylle is absolutely determined to be an independent sex-worker

Sibylle Rauch was a well-rated porn actress back in the ’80s and ’90s


A few months ago, some producers asked the former porn actress to star in a porn production but she declined the offer. Sibylle Rauch has probably considered it is better to be an independent sex-worker. Everybody is curious to see if Sibylle’s plan will be successful. Some persons say she is too old for this kind of business. On the other hand, there are a lot of men who still have fantasies with her and this can be their chance to fulfill them. We will provide you new information regarding this topic, so follow our next articles.

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