The Korean entertainment industry is shaken by K-Pop sex scandal

Some of the most important names from K-Pop world are accused of pimping and disturbing hidden sex cam videos in private group chats. Lee Seung Hyun is a popular person in Korea and everybody was surprised to find out that he is accused of pimping prostitutes to VIPs and wealthy businessmen in the Burning Sun nightclub in Seoul. Lee Seung Hyun, also known under the pseudonym Seungri is a former member of one of the most famous K-Pop groups – Big Bang. On top of that, the Korean artist is accused of sharing sexually explicit hidden cam videos of girls who were given drugs. This K-Pop sex scandal triggered a lot of debates. Read our full article to catch on with the latest information about this topic.

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How this whole scandal began?

In January, a man was assaulted by the security officers from Burning Sun. The footage has become viral on social media. According to some witnesses, the man was assaulted because he wanted to help a girl who was attacked. Apparently, the staff from Burning Sun started to hit the man, instead of helping the girl. Everything was recorded by a security camera and not long after the incident, the video was broadcast on national television and on social media.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency has declared the responsible authorities will investigate what happened in Burning Sun nightclub and all the details will be provided to the public. This investigation will be focused on the persons who sell drugs to clients, as well as on the ones who pimp girls to VIP guests. The case is only at the beginning and for sure there will be revealed a lot of interesting details. On his Instagram account, Seungri apologized and he denied the accusations.

Seungri accused of pimping girls to VIP guests

Despite Seungri had denied these accusations, a month later, different text conversations emerged. According to those conversations, Seungri was promoting and recommending different girls to rich businessmen. Again, Seungri denied the accusations, saying the texts weren’t real. The artist was asked to go to the police station. He was questioned and released the next day. Allegedly, he was asked about the drug and pimping accusations. It seems the singer was also drug tested.

These harsh accusations determined Seungri to cancel his tour

The artist intended to start a tour all over Indonesia and Japan, but he was forced to cancel it because of these allegations. Back in 2017, Seungri organized his birthday party. Apparently, a lot of wealthy persons were invited to the event and the artist even paid their flights. The investigators believe the singer’s goal was to promote his pimping among rich people. A girl who had worked for Burning Sun declared she was also invited to that birthday party and the singer paid for everything. The only condition was to bring all her sexy friends with her.

Other K-Pop artists dragged into the scandal

There were also released different chat conversations between Seungri and other important public figures, such as Choi Jong-hoon (FTIsland), Jung Joon-Young (TV and radio host), Lee Jong-hyun (CNBlue) and Yong Jun-Hyung (Highlight). Apparently, they were sharing hidden camera footage of drugged or drunken girls between each other. Even if not all of them have uploaded their own videos, they are still being investigated in order for the investigators to find out to what extent they were guilty.

The entertainment industry is also affected by this scandal

Not long after these accusations, Yong, Jung, Choi and Seungri announced their retirement from the entertainment industry. All of them have apologized to everybody who suffered from their actions. Due to this police investigation, Seungri’s military enrollment was even postponed. K-Pop is an important industry and it is estimated that it worth approximately US$4.7 billion. These boy bands are very successful and Big Bang is one of the most popular. It is important to mention the South Korean stocks started to go down after the announcement made by the singers.

The singers could face a lot of time behind bars if the accusations turn out to be true.
Big Bang is one of the most popular boy bands


Every person involved in this scandal is currently investigated by the police. The singers could face a lot of time behind bars if the accusations turn out to be true. Also, the entertainment industry is highly affected because a part of the most important artists retired from this business. In addition, the fans won’t be able to see their favorite artists on the stage. Certainly, new information will pop up. We will try to find out new details of this investigation and we will maintain our readers updated.

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