Robert Kraft is being prosecuted for soliciting prostitution.

Robert Kraft, the owner of the New England Patriots is being prosecuted for soliciting prostitution in Florida. The notorious billionaire is facing up to a year in prison, 100 hours of community service and a $5,000 fine. The friendship between Kraft and President Donald Trump transformed this topic into an international debate. Robert Kraft will be arraigned on April 24 in Palm Beach County Court and he pleaded not guilty.

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Is Kraft’s prosecution a waste of time and resources?

Some persons consider that Kraft’s prosecution is a waste of time and resources. It is considered that the possibilities of Kraft being sentenced to prison are reduced because his “crime” was nonviolent and he has no criminal background. The billionaire’s fans say that Kraft is being hunted by the law. It is supposed the 77-year-old businessman has paid for a “hand job” and oral sex at a massage parlor in Florida. Dave Aronberg (Palm Beach’s Democrat state attorney) has declared that Robert Kraft’s arrest was an important crackdown regarding human trafficking in Florida.

Aronberg has also associated the operation with “modern-day slavery”. According to different sources, the masseuses weren’t held against their will and they had the possibility to walk out anytime. Another important detail of this investigation is that nobody has been charged with human trafficking. In addition, Robert Kraft had no way of knowing the massage therapists could theoretically have been victims of human trafficking. A lot of persons agreed that septuagenarian’s prosecution won’t make the streets safer. The authorities’ resources should be spent in pursuing violent criminals, child molesters and rapists.

Nevada is the only state in the United States where prostitution is legal. In spite of this, numerous research and statistics revealed that paid sex work is something common in every state. ProCon estimated that more than 1 million persons in the United States are engaged in sex work. The recent statistics showed there are approximately 40 million prostitutes worldwide. Research also demonstrated that 80% of sex workers are women and 90% of them have a pimp who controls their activity.

The billionaire's fans say that Kraft is being hunted by the law

Some persons consider that Kraft’s prosecution is a waste of time and resources


Among the institutions that support legalizing prostitution, we can mention Human Rights Watch, United Nations and Amnesty International. All these institutions consider it is time to decriminalize sex work. This way, sex trade will be safer and the exploitation of the vulnerable women will be stopped. Another positive aspect is the violent cartels that are in charge of human trafficking will be eradicated. To sum up, Robert Kraft’s case created a lot of agitation and debates. We will keep you informed and we will provide all the new details regarding this accusation.

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